Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Vaccinated!

Keep your child safe by staying up to date on their vaccinations. Pennsylvania law requires all students (K-12) be vaccinated while attending school virtually or in-person. Students that DO NOT have the required vaccines will be EXCLUDED from school by being marked unexcused absent until they have received the appropriate vaccines or an exemption form has been submitted to your school nurse.

It’s The Rule, Don’t Miss Out On School

Families or students with questions are encouraged to speak with their school nurse or call (215) 400-5300.

Immunization Requirements

On or before November 2, 2020, all students must be compliant with the state’s school-age vaccination law to attend school.  Any student that has not submitted the required immunization paperwork to their school nurse by November 2, 2020 students will be marked unexcused absent until the required paperwork is received. Excuse notes will not be accepted if a student is unexcused absent due to non-submission of required immunization paperwork.

If you have a vaccination appointment for after November 2nd, click here to learn what to do.

Where do I go if my student is uninsured?

Philadelphia’s city health centers offer vaccinations to school aged children. City health centers are operated by the Department of Public Health.

There are also  community Federally Qualified Health Centers available around the city. If you are uninsured, your student may be able to receive free or low cost vaccinations. Health centers can also help you apply for affordable health insurance.

3 Ways to Comply

Schedule your student a well visit to ensure receipt of the required vaccinations. Have your student’s doctor provide you with a Certificate of Immunization.

Obtain medical certificate signed by your student’s doctor, detailing the plan to complete vaccines on the appropriate schedule. 

Submit an exemption form if your student is exempt from any immunizations for a medical, religious or philosophical/ strong moral reason.  

Resources for uninsured students

If your student in not insured, click here for city health center resources.

City Health Centers are Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). In addition to the nine City health Centers, there are also  community FQHCs around the city.  If you are uninsured, your student may be able to receive free or low cost vaccinations at all FQHCs.

What if my appointment is after Nov. 2nd?

  1. When you make an appointment at a CVS Pharmacy Store you will receive an email confirmation for your appointment.  Forward the email to your school nurse to request a provisional admission date until your child’s scheduled appointment.
  2. If you have an appointment with your child’s doctor to receive the required vaccinations, email your school nurse with the doctor’s name, practice address, practice phone number, and date and time of your child’s appointment.
  3. After the school nurse receives the information, they will provide you with a provisional admission date, which is one school day after your appointment date.  Your child will be allowed to attend class until the provisional admission date expires.
  4. After your child receives the vaccines, take a picture of the vaccine record and email it to your school nurse.  You must email the vaccine record to your school nurse on or before your child’s provisional admission date so your child can continue to attend class.