Don't Wait...Set the Date and Vaccinate!

An essential part a great school year includes making sure your student’s vaccinations are up to date. Students who do not have proof of all required vaccines will not be able to attend school unless an exemption form has been submitted and approved by the Office of Health Services.

Families or students with questions are encouraged to speak with their school nurse or call (215) 400-5VAX.

Immunization Requirements

3 Ways to Comply

Schedule your student a well visit to ensure receipt of the required vaccinations. Have your student’s doctor provide you with a Certificate of Immunization.

Obtain medical certificate signed by your student’s doctor, detailing the plan to complete vaccines on the appropriate schedule. 

Submit an exemption form if your student is exempt from any immunizations for a medical, religious or philosophical/ strong moral reason.  

Submit Proof of Immunizations

Please submit proof of immunization, exemption forms, or medical plans directly to your child’s school.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Call your child’s doctor or
a city health center today!

To schedule an appointment at a health center call (215) 685-2933.

Federally Qualified Health Centers are “safety net” providers such as community health centers. The main purpose of the FQHC Program is to enhance the provision of primary care services in under-served communities. Any Philadelphia resident is eligible for free or low-cost care at the City’s AHS Health Centers.