If a student’s neighborhood High School is a Renaissance Charter School (Universal Audenried, Mastery Charter at Gratz or Aspira at Olney High School), s/he may attend any of the Neighborhood Schools listed below.

The application process is simple: just take photo identification and two proofs of address to the neighborhood school of your choice to register.

John Bartram 2401 S. 67th St.; 19142 215-400-8100
Thomas Edison 151 W. Luzerne St.; 19140 215-400-3900
Samuel Fels 5500 Langdon St.; 19124 215-400-7101
Horace Furness 1900 S. 3rd St.; 19148 215-400-8300
Martin Luther King 6100 Stenton Ave.; 19138 215-400-3500
Overbrook 5898 Lancaster Ave.; 19131 215-400-3700
Penn Treaty 600 E. Thompson St.; 19125 215-400-3800
William L. Sayre 5800 Walnut St.; 19139 215-400-7800
South Philadelphia 2101 S. Broad St.; 19148 215-400-8400
George Washington 10175 Bustleton Ave.; 19116 215-400-3100
West Philadelphia 4901 Chestnut St.; 19139 215-400-7900

You do not need a reassignment letter from the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement.

Now that you have identified a High School to attend, proceed to Step 4.