Student Information Update

Annual Update of Demographic Information

Keeping accurate information in the student information system ensures communication with families remains consistent and uninterrupted. Each year, families are asked to confirm if there have been any changes to their students’ information. Typically, this process is done through a paper format with information given directly to students and returned to the school. However, with the requirement to adhere to social distancing standards, the below process will now be shifted to a virtual format.

What Information Should be Updated?

Unlike in previous years, we are not looking for families to complete the entire EH-40 registration packet in order to update information. Instead, we are looking to only update contact information that may have changed for your student. This information includes but not limited to:

  • Students primary address
  • Primary contact phone number
  • Emergency contact information
  • Working email address

This information ONLY needs to be updated if it has changed. If the information has not changed, you do not need to complete this process.

At present, the district is providing an electronic format for this information to be submitted. The below form will collect the needed information and facilitate the process to update this information.  Demographic Information Update.

The district recognizes that there are still some challenges with completing online requests. If a parent/guardian expresses concerns in doing so, district staff will work with the family to determine if there are any additional technology options for the family.  In the case where there are no viable alternatives, district staff will communicate with the family to determine the best alternative while maintaining social distancing requirements.

These updates will be processed by the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement during the summer break. Work will transition to school teams once schools reopen.

Acceptable Documents for Registration

Click on the button to find out what documents can be accepted for registration:

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