Attendance & Truancy

The Office of Attendance and Truancy serves to offer training and supportive services to all members of the school community, to help improve student attendance, to account for all District students, and to comply with the compulsory school attendance laws.

Every child needs to come to school on time, every day. It matters, as early as kindergarten. By middle and high school, poor attendance is a leading indicator of dropout. Developing the habit of attendance prepares students for success on the job and in life.

Excused and unexcused absences add up fast – and equal academic problems. Students are at risk academically if they miss 18 days, or 10% of the school year. Even sporadic absences matter. Just one or two days a month can add up to a chronic problem that affects a student’s success in the present and the future.

For attendance concerns, questions, and technical assistance, please reach out to the Office of Attendance & Truancy via email at


Board of Education Policy 204 – Student Attendance

Attendance & Truancy Guidelines