Posted on August 29, 2022
Categories: News from SDP

Dear School District of Philadelphia Families and Staff,

We were excited to welcome our students back to school today for the first day of school. Throughout the day today, and in alignment with the Extreme Heat Protocol shared on August 19, we have been monitoring temperatures in the 100 schools that do not have sufficient cooling systems. Given these temperatures and the forecast for more extreme heat over the next few days, these 100 (now 118**) schools will dismiss three hours earlier than their normal dismissal times on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 30-31, 2022. All after-school and sports activities taking place at these 100 schools will be canceled.

All other schools and the District’s administrative offices will continue to operate on a normal schedule.

We realize that early dismissals, especially those made the day before, can present challenges for many families. Please know that these decisions, which we do not make lightly, are always made with the safety of our students and staff as our top priority.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work together to navigate these extreme heat conditions. The full list of the 100 schools is noted below. Please contact your school for more information.


The School District of Philadelphia

**Schools Added: MYA, Cassidy, Strawberry Mansion, Clemente, The LINC, Ethan Allen, Elkin, Thomas G Morton ES (Morton McMichael is also listed below), JH Brown, Bridesburg Annex, Longstreth, Feltonville Intermediate Science, Prince Hall, Olney Elementary, Cramp, Randolph CTE, Locke and Duckery

*Schools in Need of Air Conditioning and/or Electrical System Upgrades

AMY @ James Martin MSFranklin Learning Center HSMifflin, Thomas ES
AMY Northwest MSFurness, Horace HSMitchell ES
Arthur, Chester A. ESGideon, Edward ESMoore, J. Hampton ES
Bache-Martin ESGirard Academic Music Program HSMorris, Robert ES
Barton, Clara ESGirard, Stephen ESMorrison, Andrew J. ES
Blaine, James G. ESGirls HSNebinger, George W. ES
Blankenburg, Rudolph ESGreenberg, Joseph ES callOverbrook ES
Brown, Henry A. ESHarding, Warren G. MSParkway West HS
Bryant, William C. ESHarrington, Avery D. ESPatterson, John M. ES
Building 21 HSHenry, Charles W. ESPenn Treaty HS
Casarez, Gloria ESHill-Freedman World Academy MSPennell, Joseph ES
Castor Gardens MSHolme, Thomas ESPennypacker, Samuel ES
Catharine, Joseph W. ESHopkinson, Francis ESRhawnhurst ES
Central HSHouston, Henry H. ESRoosevelt, Theodore ES
Comegys, Benjamin B. ESHowe, Julia W. ESRowen, William ES
Comly, Watson ESJenks, Abram ESRoxborough HS
Cooke, Jay ESJenks Academy for Arts & Sciences ESSayre, William HS
Coppin, Fanny Jackson ESKenderton ESSharswood, George ES
Crossan, Kennedy C. ESKey, Francis Scott ESShawmont ES
Day, Anna B. ESKirkbride, Eliza B. ESSheppard, Issac A. ES
Disston, Hamilton ESLamberton, Robert E. ESScience Leadership Academy @ Beeber HS
Dobson, James ESLea, Henry C. ESSouth Philadelphia HS
Dunbar, Paul L. ESLingelbach, Anna L . ESSpring Garden ES
Edmonds, Franklin S. ESLoesche, William H. ESSpruance, Gilbert ES
Ellwood ESLogan, James ESSullivan, James J. ES
Emlen, Eleanor C. ESLowell, James R. ESTaggart, John H. ES
Fell, D. Newlin ESLudlow, James R. ESTilden, William MS
Feltonville Arts and SciencesMarshall, John ESThe U School HS
Finletter SchoolMarshall, ThurgoodWagner, Gen. Louis MS
Fitler Academic Plus ESMcCloskey, John F. ESWaring, Laura W. ES
Fitzpatrick, A.L. ESMcClure, Alexander K. ESWashington, George HS
Fox Chase ESMcMichael, Morton ESWashington, Martha ES
Franklin, Benjamin ESMeredith, William M. ESZiegler, William H. ES
Franklin, Benjamin HS