Welcome to the Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OPSR)

Dear Students and Families, we know that COVID-19 may have caused disruption to your postsecondary plans. Our entire team is here to support you during this time and offer resources to ensure you have what you need to plan for and transition to life after high school.

Please visit our contact us page to get connected to one of our dedicated team members.

We are here to help!

Our goal is to deliver high-quality academic supports seamlessly to all students while maintaining the health and well-being of everyone involved — despite any changes in COVID-19 conditions.  Learn more about the instructional design, academic supports, and academic expectations for the 2020-2021 school year by clicking here.

For up-to-date information about aspects of the District’s planning, including: our Healing Together initiative to support the social-emotional needs of our students and staff; school bell and instructional schedules; Chromebook distribution and supports; internet access; meal distribution for students; facilities improvements in schools; and more, click here.

Who We Are

The Collaborative Office of Postsecondary Readiness promotes postsecondary  awareness, exposure, and access in grades Pre-K – 12.

We aim to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to succeed in college, career, and life.

Each program and initiative that we provide plays an important role in supporting schools, students, families, and partners.

We believe that 100% of all students will graduate college and career ready!

The profile of a graduate contains these 6 components:


  • Analyze and evaluate information critically and competently
  • Propose solutions based upon data
  • Quickly and easily adapt knowledge and skills to new environments
  • Demonstrate perseverance
  • Effectively solve problems


  • Take risks to accomplish a task
  • Create original work that demonstrates high quality and reflective approaches
  • Provide solutions to problems
  • Reflect and rise above obstacles


  • Communicate personal values
  • Write with precision, clarity and coherence
  • Listen effectively
  • Deliver information effectively using a variety of modalities
  • Public Speaking


  • Demonstrate academic and professional excellence
  • Reliable, punctual, and professional
  • Financially literate with strong money management skills
  • Collaborative
  • Adaptable


  • Contributing member of society
  • Understand their own and others’ cultural heritage
  • Behave with integrity and take responsibility for their behavior, actions and
  • Have compassion and empathy for others


  • Find joy and satisfaction in learning
  • Positively motivated
  • Driven and resilient
  • Self-confident
  • Self-sufficient
  • Resourceful