What it is …


  • Allows students going into Kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade to apply to a different school other than the assigned neighborhood or feeder school.
  • Students can apply up to five (5) different School District of Philadelphia Schools (Special Admission, City-Wide and other Neighborhood Schools but excludes Charter, Catholic or paid tuition schools).
  • If a student has a support IEP, Medical 504 Plan or an English Language Learner, they automatically qualify for LeGare.
    • LeGare is an Advocacy process allowing for an EQUAL opportunity to attend a Special Admission High School.
    • LeGare ONLY applies to 8th Graders going into 9th grade.
    • LeGare does NOT guarantee admission.  Students still must meet or come close to admissions criteria and the school MUST be able to provide reasonable accommodations that do not substantially alter the way the curriculum is delivered.