There are several ways to give feedback in the 2021-2022 school selection process.  Please feel free to complete the survey, at the language appropriate link below.  At the completion of the survey, you can request the link to participate in one of the four research team focus group sessions for 8th grade parents who participated in the school selection process.

In addition, feedback sessions for all K-12 participants and community partners will be held on the following dates and times:

School Selection Process Survey

We welcome your feedback on the school selection process that just ended and your input to inform the process for next year. Please click the preferred language below to complete the School Selection Process Survey.

School Selection Applications - Next Steps

To view your application, please use the links below to access the school selection system. Existing district students should use the “Already a district student?” link. Non-District students should use the “Students NOT Enrolled in a District School” link.


The School District of Philadelphia offers thousands of programs and services across hundreds of schools. We hope every student Finds their Fit, this fall!
One of the most exciting parts of your education in Philadelphia is how you can customize your learning experience, by choosing a school that’s right for you. Every student is assigned a catchment school, from K-12, based on where they live. But, if you are interested in any other school in the District, all you have to do is apply!

Dates and TimesActivity
October 6, 2021 @ 4:00 PMSchool Selection Application Window Opens.
November 21, 2021 @ 11:59 PMSchool Selection Application Window Closes.
November 30, 2021Receiving School Evaluate (schools and programs with
admission criteria).
January 13, 2022 - January 26, 2022Conduct lotteries, perform quality control process
January 28, 2022Students and parents can view their post lottery school options in student and parent portals.
February 4, 2022Last day to confirm approvals. Not confirming will change the approval to “Decline - No response”.
TBDSchools fill available seats with students from their wait lists.
February 18, 2022Students and parents can view their final school selection decisions in student and parent portals.

To learn more about each High School Program and their admission requirements, please click below:

To learn more about each Elementary and Middle school option, please click below:

To get answers to the frequently asked questions about the school selection process, please click below:

For students who have a support IEP, Medical 504 Plan, or are an English Language Learner, they automatically qualify for LeGare. This is an Advocacy process that allows students an equal opportunity to apply and attend a Criteria-based High School. This Advocacy process is only applicable to 8th Graders who are headed into 9th grade and applying to a Criteria-based High School.

Please know that LeGare does not guarantee admission into a Criteria-based High School. Students must still meet or come close to the advertised admissions criteria and the school must be able to provide reasonable accommodations for the student to be successful without substantially altering the way the curriculum is delivered.

Specific questions can be directed to the School Counselor where your child attends or to the LeGare Committee using the email address found in the Contact Support Section.

In an ongoing effort to promote equity in access to schools, particularly for traditionally marginalized students, and address the concerns and issues identified in the Board of Education’s guardrail four, the school selection process includes a lottery for all available schools; priority for specific students; and numeric scores as criteria, with several exceptions. The School District of Philadelphia is committed to ensuring all students’ rights are protected and, thus, provide an appeal opportunity as defined below.

The following zip codes will be prioritized by select criteria-based schools for the 2022-2023 School Selection Process. Please note, students MUST still meet the established criteria before being marked eligible for the lottery.

Our goal was to identify zip codes which, in recent years, have been underrepresented at Academy at Palumbo, Central, Engineering and Science, and Masterman. To do this, we looked at 9th grade enrollment for the last four years (2017-18 through 20020-21) and compared enrollment at these four schools with enrollment at all other District high schools. Each year, about 12% of 9th graders from across the city were enrolled in one of the four high schools – but that percentage varied greatly by students’ home zip codes. The specific zip codes with the lowest enrollment rates have not been equitably represented at these four schools, and are being prioritized.

For more information on LeGare, please click on the link below:

For more information on program offerings and criteria, please click below.

For more information about Writing Sample Accommodations, please click on the link below:

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