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School Selection

School Selection

School selection is the process to gain admission into a district school other than your neighborhood school.

School Selection is open to students in all grades (K-12), and can be used to apply to School District of Philadelphia Schools ONLY (including different neighborhood, citywide and special admission schools.  This process excludes charter schools, Catholic schools or paid tuition schools).

This process is available each year for admission into a school other than your neighborhood school, in the following year. (For example, all applications received beginning on September 29th will be for admission into school in the 2018-2019 school year.)  You can apply for up to five (5) School District of Philadelphia Schools during the window that runs from mid-September to mid-November.  You will receive notification of acceptance the following February or March, which allows schools time to prepare for the following school year.

Families wishing to apply to a different Kindergarten other than your neighborhood school must apply through this process the year BEFORE they actually start Kindergarten.


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Last modified: August 15, 2017