A Family Engagement Liaison’s Tips for Digitally Engaging Families

It’s already been two months of school, and we know that staying glued to your computer all day is tiring work. Staying logged onto meetings all day can feel repetitive, and over time, it can even get harder to stay engaged. Victoria Trower, Family Engagement Liaison at multiple schools throughout the city shares some tips and tricks that she’s seen schools use to continue to stay engaged with families!

Make Information Accessible and Keep Information Up-to-Date. Ms. Trower has seen that at schools where parents have the most updated information, they are more likely to log on. Make it easy for parents and family members to access links by making links clickable, and post those links in clearly accessible places such as the school’s website or in communication that is sent out.

Use creative means and content to communicate. Ms. Trower has seen some schools use creative means to communicate such as creating videos, utilizing class apps such as Class Dojo, and posting on various social media platforms. She has also seen schools make creative content such as using eye-catching flyers to advertise meetings, recording interviews with teachers and school staff to promote upcoming events, and even making silly videos of school staff that allow the school community to get to know them better.

Don’t forget the newest parents/family members to your school community! Ms. Trower gives the advice to not forget the parents of your newest students–whether that is Kindergarteners or newly admitted freshmen. These new parents will also want to be in the know about what’s happening at their student’s new school.

Be flexible, and try new platforms and things! Ms. Trower has witnessed some schools try, and if it doesn’t seem to work, try again! She says to keep in mind that there are no one-size-fits-all communications for families, so be flexible, and try to think outside the box about what the best ways to engage families are!

We know that there is no magic solution to reduce computer fatigue and increase engagement with families, but don’t be afraid to try new methods and continue to stay in touch and updated with families so that all stakeholders can be in the know and have a say!