Posted on April 4, 2024
Categories: Featured FACEs

At the heart of the Sowing Seeds of Success Parent and Family Support Group lies a powerful mission, “To strengthen families through mutual self-parent support groups”. Founded by experienced Family Engagement Liaison, LuQman Abdullah, this group emerged from a profound realization, the needs of parents and guardians citywide were unmet. LuQman decided to establish a platform where caregivers could extend support to one another through peer-driven conversations, access to recources, and inspire and uplift one another through their parenting experience.

He additionally recognized this group to be an incredible tool to encourage families to volunteer in their schools and provide active participation in the School Advisory Councils to build family engagement within their school communities. The initial step in LuQman’s strategy was to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, laying the groundwork to utilize the strengths and build up the weaknesses of each guardian. His ultimate goal? To empower these individuals to lead and sustain the group independently.

In a school-centric environment that often prioritizes academics over holistic family well-being, LuQman advocates for a shift in focus. The group’s purpose extends beyond academic support; it aims to elevate the entire family unit, reducing daily stressors so children can concentrate on their academics.

LuQman extends a warm invitation to all families to engage with the Sowing Seeds of Success Parent and Family Support Group on Mondays and Wednesday from 10AM to 11AM via Zoom, which you can join here. His aspiration is simple: that every family walks away feeling enriched and supported.