School Supplies and Uniform Policy

Uniforms and school supplies are a basic right to help fully participate in school. Students experiencing homelessness are eligible to receive assistance with uniforms and specified school supplies.

The School District of Philadelphia requires all students to wear uniforms to school. Each school should be sensitive to the challenges faced by homeless students and families. No child’s education should be interrupted due to lack of proper clothing or school supplies.

School Supplies Procedures

If you have a specific need (school supplies, shoes, coat, graduation expense help, etc.), please connect with your school counselor. That individual should then contact our office.

 Uniform Procedures

As we have a new vendor, the Uniform Assistance procedures have been changed for this school year:

  • The student/parent/guardian should let the counselor/secretary know that they need help with getting a uniform. NOTE: Students must be six (6) years old to receive uniform assistance through the uniform voucher request form. Any student five (5) years old at the date of requested assistance must complete an Emergency Funds request form.
  • The counselor/secretary will help the family by obtaining the general demographic information for the student(s) and then fill out the corresponding Google form to receive uniform assistance from our office. Please be sure to follow directions and fill in as much information possible on the form. Those living in emergency shelter/transitional housing must have a letter of from the facility attached with the request form. NOTE: The form is available only to designated school personnel.
  • The counselor/secretary/principal will correspond with our office.  It can take a few days to complete, but once done, the items will be available for school personnel to distribute.  Parent/guardian/independent youth will be contacted once items are ready for  pick up from designated school personnel.

FOR SCHOOLS: Possible Uniform Provision Options

  • Networks and schools may solicit corporate sponsors for uniforms. Many stores or companies offer significant discounts for buying large volume.
  • Schools may establish a system to trade in outgrown uniforms, which can then be donated or sold at a low cost to other students.