Homeschooling & Private Tutoring

About Homeschooling and Private Tutoring

Welcome to the Office of Homeschooling and Private Tutoring. What exactly is homeschooling, vs. private tutoring?

Homeschooling is parent-taught home-based education, developed and provided by a child’s parent and/or guardian. A child who is homeschooled is NOT enrolled in the Philadelphia School District.

Private Tutoring is home-based education with a full-time private tutor, who has all mandated certificates and clearances, and is hired by the parent. A child who participates in home-based education with a full-time private tutor by this definition is also NOT enrolled in the Philadelphia School District.

Other options, which are handled by other offices at the School District, include:

  • Cyberschool (Philadelphia Virtual Academy): a full-time, cost-free District-run online school for students in grades 6 to 12 living inside the School District of Philadelphia region
    • The Online/Cyber School provides instruction through the Internet or other electronic/digital means.
    • The parent will have a letter of enrollment from the school.
  • Homebound instruction is a service provided by the Philadelphia School District for students in temporary need
    • Homebound is provided for a short period of excused absence not to exceed three months, provided for mental, physical or other urgent reasons.
    • Teachers are provided to the family for this service. Learn more HERE.

The School District also offers tutoring services. Learn more HERE.

How Do I Get Started?

Any student in Pa can be part of the Homeschool process with just a few easy steps.

You will need, by Pennsylvania law:

  • Affidavit of the Supervisor of a Pa. Home Education Program (included in the Homeschool Starter Packet)
    • NOTE: The parent must have a copy of a notarized affidavit for each child being homeschooled
  • Academic or Educational Objectives
  • Proof of Immunizations (or Immunization Waiver)

Everything you need to do is described in this handy packet. 

  1. Please read the packet in its entirety
  2. Gather all of the required information
  3. Email the required documents to us at
  4. We’ll reply promptly by email or phone, to finalize the paperwork and get you started!

**Please do NOT send paperwork by mail.** 

Important Information:

  • Any student can participate
  • You must have your paperwork complete to be enrolled and get started
  • You are required to close each year with an evaluation, in order for your student to receive credit for the school year, and to enroll in the next year.
  • Evaluation templates are provided in the starter packet provided to parents; feel free to use that, or provide additional information.
  • Your evaluation is due by June 30th of every year


For complete information about Homeschooling and Private Tutoring in the state of Pennsylvania, please visit the Pa Dept. of Education’s Homeschool and Private Tutoring website.

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