What is the OIG?

The Office of the Inspector General is an independent entity within the School District of Philadelphia responsible for administrative and criminal investigations of corruption, fraud, criminal activity, mismanagement, conflicts of interest, and waste.

How do I report fraud, waste, and abuse?

You can report fraud, waste, and abuse by calling us at (215) 400-4030, by email to inspectorgeneral@philasd.org, by filling out the form found on our forms page, by mail to 440 N. Broad St. Suite 1066, Phila., PA 19130 or by calling our anonymous tip line (215) 400-8477.

Does the OIG accept anonymous complaints?

Yes, but we encourage you to identify yourself in the event more information is needed to aid in the investigation.

What does the Inspector General’s Office do?

Our office investigates cases of fraud, waste, abuse, and employee misconduct in the School District of Philadelphia. We also conduct audits of District departments, contracts, and facilities to ensure maximum efficiency and use of taxpayer money.

What is your relationship with the Office of the Inspector General for the City of Philadelphia?

The School Reform Commission signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of the Inspector General in October 2014. This MOU created a division of the OIG within the School District.  On April 25, 2019 the Board of Education recognized the importance of the mission of the OIG and established an operational independent office within the School District which reports directly to the BOE.