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Jayme Naberezny, Inspector General

Welcome to the website of the Office of Inspector General for the School District of Philadelphia. Our Office is an independent entity within the School District of Philadelphia, responsible for administrative and criminal investigations of corruption, fraud, criminal activity, mismanagement, conflicts of interest, and waste. Our investigations are conducted by a professional staff of investigators.

Latest OIG News and Stories:

District Allows Employee to Overextend Maximum Short-Term Disability Benefit while Working a Second Job Costing the District $35,389

The OIG for the School District of Philadelphia completed an investigation that found a District employee collected wage continuation benefits for 127 days, or approximately six months, longer than they were permitted to under the benefit.  Additionally, the employee was discovered to have secondary employment while out on leave, which is also prohibited while using the wage continuation benefit.

The District offers extended personal illness leave, or short-term disability, through the wage continuation program to all employees.  Eligible employees collect 75% of their regular wage contingent on certain prerequisites and constraints, including refraining from engaging in any “remunerative . . . occupation during the duration of their sick leave.”  The OIG found that due to a series of coding errors and poor timekeeping, the employee erroneously used 388 days of wage continuation when the employee was only entitled to 261 days of the benefit.  This over-extension of the wage continuation benefit cost the District $35,389 in salary, health benefits, and pension payments.

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OIG Investigates Non-Philadelphia Residents Attending Philadelphia Public Schools at a Cost of $38,000

The OIG for the School District completed a residency investigation that found a middle school student and a high school student who had lived in another state since February 2020 continued to attend Philadelphia public schools.

According to Pennsylvania law and School Board policy 200, all “school age resident students” living in Philadelphia “shall be entitled to attend district schools.”  With little exception, non-resident students cannot attend any Philadelphia public school.  The issue of residency fraud within the Philadelphia School District is not new, and the OIG takes seriously its duty to hold accountable any individual who commits serious breaches of district policy.  As in all residency investigations, non-residents students are required to pay tuition for educational services.  These students were assessed tuition totaling $38,136 for the years they attended District schools while living outside of Philadelphia.

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OIG Annual Report (2021)

The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to promote a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity to bolster public confidence in the School District of Philadelphia by rotting out corruption, fraud, misconduct, waste, and mismanagement.

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