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Jayme Naberezny, Inspector General

Welcome to the website of the Office of Inspector General for the School District of Philadelphia. Our Office is an independent entity within the School District of Philadelphia, responsible for administrative and criminal investigations of corruption, fraud, criminal activity, mismanagement, conflicts of interest, and waste. Our investigations are conducted by a professional staff of investigators.

Latest OIG News and Stories:

OIG Investigation Reveals Abuse of Pool Vehicle During the Pandemic by Executive-Level Employee

The OIG for the School District completed another vehicle misuse investigation involving abuse of a District pool vehicle for personal use.  The OIG discovered that an executive-level employee was using a District pool vehicle for personal purposes in violation of District policy during the pandemic when nearly all District work was remote.  The abuse included trips to shopping centers, restaurants, and to visit family and friends.  The employee further violated policy by using the vehicle during weekends, holidays, after regular work hours, while on vacation, and while on sick leave.  During the time the employee abused the vehicle, they put approximately 6,000 miles on the car and consumed over 240 gallons of gas that was paid for by the District.  The District’s policies clearly prohibit this kind of use and disciplinary action in accordance with the policy was recommended.  The employee resigned following the release of the OIG’s report.

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OIG Completes Limited Performance Review of Transportation Department’s Non-Bus Fleet

The Office of Inspector General initiated a limited review of departmental compliance with the School District of Philadelphia’s “Non-Bus Vehicle Usage Policies and Procedures,” known as Board Policy 711.  This review grew out of a pattern of allegations received by the OIG regarding various components of transportation specific to the non-bus fleet.  The review focused on several processes and procedures that potentially created the greatest risk of noncompliance, misuse, and abuse of the District’s vehicle assets.

In performing this review, the OIG examined and tested a variety of District records relating to the non-bus fleet.  Unfortunately, these records were often found to be inaccurate, incomplete, and sometimes non-existent.  The review includes findings and recommendations regarding a variety of management functions of the non-bus fleet.  The OIG made general recommendations which are included at the end of each section, but readers should not conclude that the reported findings were the only deficient areas in Transportation.  At the heart of the OIG’s recommendations was that Transportation needs to maintain a vehicle inventory, comply with non-bus vehicle policy, and ensure that vehicle assets are not being misused.

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OIG Annual Report (2021)

The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to promote a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity to bolster public confidence in the School District of Philadelphia by rotting out corruption, fraud, misconduct, waste, and mismanagement.

To read the 2021 OIG Annual Report, click here.