Office of Inspector General

Welcome to the website of the Office of Inspector General for the School District of Philadelphia. Our Office is an independent entity within the School District of Philadelphia, responsible for administrative and criminal investigations of corruption, fraud, criminal activity, mismanagement, conflicts of interest, and waste. Our investigations are conducted by a professional staff of investigators.

Latest OIG News and Stories:

OIG Annual Report (2022)

The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to promote a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity to bolster public confidence in the School District of Philadelphia by rotting out corruption, fraud, misconduct, waste, and mismanagement.

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OIG Investigation Reveals Abuse of Take-Home Vehicle by District Employee

The OIG for the School District completed an investigation into the abuse of a District vehicle for personal use by a District employee.  The OIG discovered that an employee was using their District vehicle for personal purposes in violation of District policy, including trips to grocery stores, bars, and medical appointments.  The employee further violated policy by using the District vehicle after regular work hours and on one occasion, a District holiday.  Disciplinary action in accordance with District policy was recommended.

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Director of After School Program Suspected of Defrauding the Pennsylvania Department of Education of at least $97,442 for Services not Provided to the District

An after school program received a federally-funded grant, which was administered and managed through the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to provide services to District students.  The director of the program sought reimbursement from PDE and received $97,442 in payroll expenses for programming between April and July 2020, despite all District schools being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The OIG investigation found that these reimbursements were submitted for months that the program was not operating, and employees included on the monthly reimbursement reports were not receiving paychecks.  Further, program personnel did not have necessary clearances to work in conjunction with the District.  As a result of the OIG investigation, PDE and the District have ceased all further involvement with this director and the program and referred this matter to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

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