Posted on October 27, 2021
Categories: Environmental

During the collaboration efforts between Environmental and Facilities to re-activate mechanically inoperable House Fan Systems during the past winter. The Environmental team had to thoroughly inspect and, if needed, abate any environmental hazards in order for a house fan to be mechanically reactivated and function.

During the recent summer construction season, the Environmental team supported the Capital Construction Inspectors and Project Managers on a daily basis, from assisting with the removal of an Underground Storage Tank, to proactively assisting with scheduling and oversight during abatement activities.

During the most recent trash removal issues where truck drivers were few and far between, coordination between Facilities and Environmental jumped into action once again. Facilities were able to utilize the services of our abatement contractors to provide additional resources for trash removal. Not only did the physical trash containers get removed, but our labor force was able to hand-remove many tons of bagged (and sometimes not bagged) trash from our schoolyards.

During the summer abatement activities, the Electrical Department played a key role in each and every Major abatement project. Dedicated electrical panels had to be hooked up and unhooked on a daily basis. The coordination between Capital, Environmental, and Electrical had to run smoothly in order for projects to be completed for the return of staff and students this school year.

In order for the District to be in compliance with the rules and regulations concerning Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), we were able to identify one regulated UST that was no longer serving the Transportation Department. A combined effort was initiated and carried out for this UST to be removed from service, safely removed from the ground, the excavation backfilled, and pavement reinstalled. Teamwork allowed the Transportation Department to once again utilize this garage space knowing that garage operations will not have to be altered.