Posted on March 28, 2023
Categories: Facilities & Maintenance

The P.M. Crew assists with various tasks in all school district facilities. They respond to calls at all times of the day or night, on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, for issues that may affect the opening of schools and offices.

The P.M. Crew, along with the warehouse team, supported Saul’s Agricultural program by moving equipment/flowers, etc., for participating in this year’s Flower Show at the Convention Center. They are the heartbeat when addressing emergencies such as power outages, floods, fires, oil spills, and school break-ins. They also maintain the exterior of our closed schools, address short dumping throughout the city, remove graffiti at a moment’s notice, cut the grass, and whack weeds around the closed buildings in the hot summer months.

Senior Regional Manager Vernon Palmer, along with Facilities Area Managers Derek Parker, Tom Sharer, and Sherl Riddick, with support from the warehouse team, maintenance resource schedulers, and a slew of engineers, cleaners, and maintenance mechanics, worked tirelessly with a three-day deadline, to provide a clean, warm environment conducive for learning at Strawberry High School when the staff and students at Building 21 were forced to relocate due to environmental concerns.

These are just a few of the instances where our P.M. Crew worked efficiently and effortlessly to make sure our students and staff had a safe place to go to in the morning. This team is consistent, dedicated, always prepared, and, most importantly, dependable. Anytime they’re called, they never ask questions. They listen to the goal and crush it every time. We appreciate all they do and all they stand for.