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Parents’ participation this survey is important to help us to changes and to make our school great and here is the link https://www.philasd.org/research/programsservices/district-wide-surveys/

The School District of Philadelphia provides an extensive range of educational services and supports for students with special needs within our schools.  These services include:  Learning Support, Emotional Support, Autistic Support, Life Skills Support and Multiple Disabilities Support.  Speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hearing support, vision therapy, and transition services also are provided to eligible students requiring these services due to an educational need.  A broad array of supplementary aids and services to support students’ education needs includes communication devices, assistive technology, and pre-vocational opportunities.

The Office of Specialized Services works collaboratively with The Office of Academic Supports and other school district departments to support the appropriate implementation of instructional programs for students with disabilities.

Parents’ participation is this survey data is important matter to make important changes and decisions in our schools. We need everyone’s input, to help us make our schools great and the link url:


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