School Selection Before & When Applying

Before Applying …

  • It is IMPORTANT to know if you’re a District or Non-District Student because the application process is a little different for both (see below).
  • Know that if a student/child does not receive an approval through this process, they will be assigned to their neighborhood or feeder school, according to the home address, unless a seat in a Non-District School is obtained.
    • The exception here is if a student/child currently goes to a District a school that is NOT their catchment school, the student/child can follow the feeder pattern of THAT school into the next school.  Know your options.


When Applying …

  • Figure out which schools you would like your student/child to apply to.  MAKE THESE CHOICES CAREFULLY!
    • Does your student/child fit the school? Are his or her strengths or interests aligned with what the school has to offer?
    • Does your student/child meet the criteria for admission?  This includes, but is not limited to: Grades, Attendance, Behavior and Standardized Test Score Results.
    • Be prepared to meet any additional requirements of that particular school, like writing samples/essays, or going to an audition or interview.
    • Make sure you know where the schools are located and any SEPTA routes needed to get there.