Parent Flat Rate Pilot Program


The School District of Philadelphia has launched a pilot to provide a $150 monthly payment (up to $1,500 total) per household for the 2020-21 school calendar year to parents who choose to opt out of bus, van or cab assignment for their child to be transported to and from school. This will begin when your school is open for some form of in-person learning. This is not applicable when your school is 100% virtual. To participate in this program please fill out the enrollment form to the right of the screen.

The next Open Enrollment period for this program will run from September 28th to October 16th.


The guidelines below must be followed in order for parents/guardians to receive their monthly payment. Should you decide to participate in this program you will need to complete a W-9 form as required by the federal government. In addition, the Parent Flat Rate Form will need to be completed and submitted at the end of each month to the school office. A principal or an authorized school administrator will confirm attendance, sign the Parent Flat Rate Form and forward both forms to the Michael Prete for processing.  Schools will submit all parent pilot forms to Michael Prete at the close of each month. The forms can be found on our sidebar for download.

  • All items on the form must be completed monthly and submitted to the school with any applicable updates.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the parent/guardian.
  • All initial forms must be accompanied with a W-9 form for each parent/guardian to confirm their mailing address.
  • Students are required to attend 70% of their school’s instructional days for each given month.
  • Each month an authorized school official or principal must verify the days attended for that specific month and sign the Parent Flat Rate Monthly Form.
  • One form will be filled out per household.  If more than one child in the household is being transported, all names should be included on the one form.
  • The vehicle’s VIN, entered on the form, must be identical to the automobile transporting the student(s) in order for payment to be issued.

Please Note: for more efficient processing, submit all forms to the school’s main office to be forwarded to the Transportation Services Department.

Please contact your child’s school for any questions or additional information, or fill out our response form on the sidebar to the right.