School District of Philadelphia Transportation Policy



Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
1. Purpose

Transportation for students shall be provided in accordance with law and the following guidelines.

2. Authority

The Board shall purchase, equip and maintain vehicles and contract for school bus services and utilize common carrier or municipally owned transit system for the transportation of students to and from school at regularly scheduled hours and for transportation of students on field trips and athletic trips.

The Board will also provide transportation for students living within the limits of this policy when the walking conditions to the school are found to be hazardous by the Department of Transportation.

The Board will transport handicapped children without regard for distance or hazardous walking conditions.

When public schools are closed city-wide, no transportation shall be provided for any Philadelphia pupil attending non-public schools.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

The Superintendent shall maintain such records and make such reports regarding school transportation as are required by the State Board of Education and promulgate rules governing student conduct during transport to and from school. Such rules shall be binding on all students transported by the Board.

School Code: SS 1361, 1362
PA Code Title 22: SS 23.212, 23.4, 23.4(4 iii), 23.32