Posted on May 22, 2024
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The School District of Philadelphia and the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation of Philadelphia presented 60 District teachers with the 2024 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teachers at an award ceremony Tuesday night at the Philadelphia Film Society. The award, which has been generously funded by the Lindback Foundation since 2011, recognizes teachers who create positive, supportive learning environments, motivate students to learn and serve as role models to students. Recipients also receive a $3,500 cash award.

The 2024 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teachers are:

  • Luz Alvadela-Rosa
    Olney High School
  • Miya Benintende
    Edward T. Steel School
  • Shakeera Blair-Morgan
    William D. Kelley School
  • Lori Blue
    Gen. Philip Kearny School
  • Maureen Brower
    James G. Blaine School
  • Michelle Brozdonis
    Fanny Jackson Coppin
  • Christine Bush
    Henry H. Houston School
  • Mitchell Cadiz-Perez
    William H. Hunter School
  • Dana Calixte
    Feltonville Intermediate School
  • Francesca Cantarini
    Charles W. Henry School
  • Lynda Coyle
    Stephen Decatur School
  • Willa Deitch
    The Workshop School
  • Timothy Dickson
    Amy 5 at James Martin
  • Anabela dos Santos
    Bodine High School
  • Denise Douglas
    Henry H. Houston School
  • Kimberly Fail
    Hon. Luis Muñoz-Marín School
  • Dara Fleischman
    Potter-Thomas School
  • LeeAnne Fox-Jones
    Julia R. High Masterman School
  • Laura Gehring-Ottinger
    Fox Chase School
  • Lisa Hannum
    Gloria Casarez Elementary School
  • Ilene Heller
    Edwin M. Stanton School
  • Zachary Hill
    George W. Nebinger School
  • Neil Hoffman
    Hon. Luis Muñoz-Marín School
  • Tyriese Holloway
    Overbrook High School
  • Dina Hurwitz
    Greenberg School
  • Keith J. Ford
    Russell Conwell Middle School
  • Armond James
    South Philadelphia High School
  • Mark Karcz
    The U School
  • Kaci Kelsey
    West Philadelphia High School
  • Christina Kimmel
  • Maureen Kubicek
    Jules E.Mastbaum High School
  • Catherine Leung
    South Philadelphia High School
  • Mark Macyk
    Edward T. Steel School
  • Molly Maldonado
    Philadelphia Virtual Academy
  • Michael Mander
    Constitution High School
  • Joshua Maroney
    The LINC
  • Joanii Marrero
    Alexander K. McClure School
  • Denise McCaig
    Watson Comly School
  • Carl Murset
    South Philadelphia High School
  • Courtney Rand
    John H. Taggart School
  • Mary Beth Reinhold
    Frankford High School
  • Timothy Riley
    Anna L. Lingelbach School
  • Carmen Rocha
    Alexander K. McClure School
  • Daniel Rodini
    Marian Anderson Neighborhood Academy
  • Lotus Rong
    Francis Scott Key School
  • Alex Saddic
    Furness High School
  • Rosemary Scanlan Jacob
    Jay Cooke Elementary School
  • Garth Schuler
    Walter B. High Saul School
  • Michelle R. Shaw-Carpenter
    Thomas Mifflin School
  • Alma Sheppard-Matsuo
    Murrell Dobbins CTE High School
  • Zoe Siswick
    Science Leadership Academy
  • Christopher Smith
    Vaux Big Picture High School
  • Robert Smith
    Roxborough High School
  • Deborah Soto-Diaz
    Thomas Holme School
  • Michael Southerton
    Crossroads Accelerated Academy
  • Adrienne Staten
    Northeast High School
  • William W. Sax
    South Philadelphia High School
  • Jannel Williams
    Potter-Thomas School
  • Allison Wilton
    Northeast Community Propel Academy
  • Brendan Yuhas
    Robert Morris School

Each year, the award recipients are celebrated at an awards ceremony that includes congratulatory remarks and student performances. The ceremony concludes with a reception for all attendees.

“Thank you to the Lindback Foundation and its trustees for honoring some of the outstanding educators who go above and beyond inside and outside of their classrooms to support our students,” said Tony B. Watlington, Sr., Ed.D., “Our students deserve a high-quality education and research shows that the single most important factor in a student’s academic achievement is having access to an effective, highly-qualified, and stable teacher over time. Teachers like our Lindback honorees who have made such an impact that their colleagues, students and families took time to nominate them for this award – congratulations!”

Members of the community were able to nominate teachers from District schools. The Lindback Foundation’s Selection Committee chose the 60 teachers based on their leadership and humanitarian contributions to their respective school communities.

“As trustees, we recognize that teachers are the heartbeat of Philadelphia’s educational ecosystem, shaping the minds and futures of our city’s youth with unwavering dedication and passion,” said Lindback Foundation Trustee Ashley Cook. “Their commitment fuels our collective progress, fostering a community where every child has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.”

Last month, the Lindback Foundation also honored seven principals with the Lindback Award for Distinguished Principals. Those school leaders were each presented with a $20,000 stipend to be used to support each winner’s school community.

Learn more about the Lindback Foundation Awards.