Tips for Recognizing the Volunteers at Your School

Showing your volunteers how much you appreciate them and their help is a great way to keep them coming back project after project, year after year.  This appreciation doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It also doesn’t have to require a large budget. You can give your volunteers thank you cards, small gift bags, or host a volunteer appreciation event once a year at your school.

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, here are a few different ways you can show your volunteers how much you appreciate all of their hard work:

  1. Some volunteers love to be recognized for their hard work.  Giving a certificate to your volunteers will make them feel like volunteering is a worthwhile achievement.
  2. Hold a Volunteer Appreciation luncheon. It can be catered, or it can be a potluck. The possibilities are endless!
  3. For a possibly more inexpensive option, serve just desserts and sweet treats such as cupcakes, cake, donuts, or build-your-own sundaes.
  4. Thank you notes – either handwritten, homemade, or store-bought – can go a long way. A simple touch to thank those who dedicate their time to your school.
  5. Breakfast bars are a great way to show appreciation to volunteers as they drop off their children or if many volunteers come to volunteer in the mornings.
  6. Put together a small gift bag full of goodies and treats to show how much each volunteer means to you and your school.
  7. Have a holiday or Thanksgiving celebration to give your volunteer appreciation event a seamless theme.
  8. Look through Pinterest to get inspiration for more creative ways to show your volunteers that you appreciate them!


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