Mayfair SAC Hosts Educational Family Night

Posted on April 27, 2018
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Categories: Family News & Resources

Mayfair’s School Advisory Council (SAC) organized and hosted a Family Academic Night on Tuesday, March 27. Parents had the opportunity to spend the evening in the school, attending workshops led by the school’s teachers and staff and enjoying a dinner served by the leadership team.

Thirteen different workshops were planned, and a rotation allowed families to choose three to attend. Each workshop provided strategies for supporting student success with topics such as practicing math through games, making the most of bedtime reading, homework help tips, and how-tos for accessing the District’s online resources.

It had been a priority for Mayfair’s SAC to increase the interaction among all families in the school community this year, and the energetic buzz, packed cafeteria, and many smiles proved their success in doing so during this fun-filled, educational evening. As one parent commented on a feedback card, the Family Night was “a great time with the family,” and a time to learn “a lot about new engagement strategies with my children at home.”