Places to Stay Active during the School Year: Philly Edition

Posted on August 24, 2018
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School is back in session, but that doesn’t mean students need to completely stop their summer activities. While the  weather is still nice, encourage your kids to get outdoors and spend some time having fun (after they’ve done their homework, of course!). Here are some places around Philadelphia where you and your child can stay active even during the school year.

Human-sized chess at Spruce Street Harbor Park. Photo: Hidden City Philadelphia.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

If you didn’t get the chance during the summer, visit Spruce Street Harbor Park, which will remain open until September 30. Spruce Street Harbor Park is located near Penn’s Landing and features colorful hammocks, games for kids, a boardwalk, a beach-like setup that overlooks the Delaware River, tons of food and drinks, and more! It’s a great place to relax or have some family fun. Play some life-size chess, listen to live music, or take a break in one of the many hammocks!

Schuylkill River Trail

The Schuylkill River Trail extends over 30 miles, from Philadelphia to Parkerford, PA. The Philadelphia section is about 10 miles long, much of which is paved and great for walking or biking. As you move northward towards Manayunk, the trail narrows into a stony path. The paved areas of the trail are popular for rollerblading, running, riding a bike, or just going on a nice walk. Also along the Schuylkill River Trail is the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, which is a concrete pathway that spans over 2,000 feet. It’s located along the shoreline, stretching from Locust Street all the way to the South Street Bridge. You’ll enjoy amazing waterfront views along the way!

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is huge and there’s a lot you can do there to stay active. All parts of the park are open to the public and free. There are many walking trails to choose from:

If you want to take a run with your kids, try Boxer’s Trail in East Fairmount, which was made famous by Philly boxing champion Joe Frazier.

If you want a scenic place to take a stroll, try the Pavillion in the Trees, which is actually an art piece in West Fairmount Park that you can walk on. It’s a 40-foot tall sculpture that was inspired by the artist’s childhood interest in treehouses. You’ll be able to enjoy treetop views on your walk!

If you’re looking for a playground, visit Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse right in Fairmount Park. The playground spans 6.5 acres and includes swings sets, jungle gyms, a huge slide, and more! There’s even a playhouse that’s safe for the 5-years-and-under crowd. No matter how you prefer to stay active, Fairmount Park lets you do it all.

Liberty Lands Park

Liberty Lands Park. Photo: NLNA

This park is located in Northern Liberties, and the land used to house an old tannery factory. There are two playgrounds at the park, each one catered to different age groups. There are two jungle gyms—one for older kids and one crafted for younger children—plus a swing set. Liberty Lands Park also has a community garden and a butterfly garden.

Shissler Recreation Center

Located in South Philadelphia, Shissler Recreation Center features a playground with sprinklers (affectionately called the “sprayground”). Running through sprinklers makes being active a fun experience. And if sprinklers aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Children can play on playground equipment without getting wet, and there’s also a basketball court and recreation center close by if the whole family wants to stay active.

Big Green Block

Take a walk through the Big Green Block, located adjacent to Shissler Recreation Center. The Big Green Block is frequently described as a project attempting to be the biggest, greenest block in the city. It’s actually much larger than a single block: you can be surrounded by greenery without having to leave the city!

Mayfair Memorial Playground

Located in Northeast Philadelphia, Mayfair Memorial Playground is small and quiet—younger children will feel especially at ease here. The playground has a fire truck that kids can climb on, tons of different sized slides, and even a rock climbing wall! If you’d like to stay active too, Mayfair Memorial Playground has you covered: there’s fitness equipment at the playground so adults can workout while keeping an eye on their kids.

There are tons of places that you and your child can go to stay active during the school year.  The weather is still nice for a few more months, so take advantage of the fresh air and have some fun outdoors!