District Expands and Formally Adopts Policy on Pregnant, Parenting, and Married Students

Posted on August 28, 2018
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Are you pregnant or parenting and working to finish high school or a GED? Do you know anyone who is?  The School District of Philadelphia’s Policy 234 for Pregnant/Parenting/Married Students was expanded and formally adopted last Spring.

This policy demonstrates the District’s commitment to the educational rights of married and/or pregnant/parenting students and ensures that they have the same rights as any other student to attend school in an environment free of discrimination or harassment.  Policy 234 is one of the most comprehensive public school district regulations in the country that is specifically dedicated to explaining the rights of young parents in school.

Policy 234 includes guidelines around making reasonable adjustments to facilitate the equal access and full participation of pregnant and/or parenting students in their academic and extracurricular programs.  The updated requirements ensure pregnant and/or parenting students have access to key resources, including the District’s ELECT Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program, in addition to outlining student rights and responsibilities.

Each District building will have a Teen Parent Student Liaison to provide pregnant and parenting students with information and resources. This comprehensive policy covers uniform adjustments for pregnant students, mandatory breastfeeding accommodations, allowable excused and unexcused absences, confidentiality, and suggested guidance around creating plans to ensure pregnant/parenting/married students aren’t penalized or limited in their academic or extracurricular programs.

To hear more about the updated Policy 234 for Pregnant/Parenting/Married Students, please contact the ELECT Team in the Office of Family and Community Engagement 215-400-4250.