APTT Individual Sessions…Talk about Family Engagement!

Posted on November 29, 2018
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Back in October, Focus on FACE covered the first of three 75-minute Academic Parent-Teacher Team (APTT) Meetings in nine schools that are piloting the program in the School District of Philadelphia. The goal of APTT is for families and teachers to partner in helping students achieve success with grade-level academics in a way that differs from the traditional school model. You can read all about APTT and what the Team Meetings look like here.

At one of the nine schools, Henry C. Lea School in West Philadelphia, families “showed up and showed out,” in great numbers! They proved their interest in becoming allies with the school, for the betterment of the Kindergarten through 3rd grade students’ educational experience.

Continuing with the intended schedule of APTT for the school year, Lea School hosted APTT Individual Sessions between the classroom teacher, parents, and their child in November. The school utilized the allotted days and times of traditional Parent Teacher Conferences to hold the Individual Sessions. Generally, the objectives of the Individual Sessions are:

  • To further develop partnerships between teachers and families. Teachers to get to know the family, as well as their strengths, needs, preferred form of communication, and aspirations for their child.
  • To focus on academic and personal outcomes by discussing academic expectations, ways to monitor academic progress, and how to support a child’s learning when they are not in school.
  • For teachers to advocate for extended learning opportunities by informing families about learning activities that help to achieve academic goals, discussing healthy study habits, and sharing resources.

The APTT Individual Sessions that the K through 3rd grade classrooms hosted were well attended. Teachers excitingly readied take home packets and activities for families to be prepared to help their child. One parent shared, “I am happy I came! I learned new ways to engage my child at home.”  By the end of the night, staff and families had more evidence that it was a great idea for Lea School to take part in the pilot of APTT. A special shout out to Principal ShaVon Savage for deciding that Henry C. Lea School should take part in the program. What a great way to engage families!

Be on the lookout for more updates on APTT and the Winter and Spring Meetings!

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