Low Cost, High Impact Volunteer Appreciation Ideas

Parent volunteers, members of the “Bethune Brigade”

We know that everyone in your school is VERY busy, especially as the end of the school year nears! There are many ways to celebrate volunteers that don’t require a lot of time or money but can really go a long way to make your school’s volunteers feel honored. Check out this list of low cost, but high impact ideas we’ve compiled:

  • School Social Media Shout-Out: If your school has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, consider making a few posts as a thank you to your volunteers. You could feature photos of staff thanking volunteers with this #IValueVolunteers sign or of volunteers telling us why they volunteer with this #IVolunteerBecause sign. Need help making a post? Check out Canva.com to find easy and cute social media templates.
  • Bulletin Board Thanks: Have a bulletin board in your main office or in a hallway? You could post a sign thanking volunteers and feature a few photos of their efforts throughout the year! Have staff (and students!) stop by and write an appreciative sticky note. It’s a quick and simple thank you!
  • Student Thank You Notes: Students certainly gain a lot by having awesome volunteers in their school, so they should also get in on the appreciation! Consider having young students write thank you notes for the volunteers in your school, maybe drawing a small picture. Middle and high school students could plan a small way to thank volunteers that would work for your school community.
  • Letter or Shout Out from the Principal: Principals, consider writing a small letter of thanks to volunteers, either handwritten, printed, or emailed. You could even post the message on the front page of your school’s website or in your school newsletter.  A special message from the leader of the building can be so impactful for your hard-working volunteers!
  • Staff Potluck: If you’re interested in a volunteer appreciation party, a staff potluck luncheon for volunteers is a great way to keep the cost low and get staff involved in the planning. Post a sign in the main office or staff lounge for people to sign up to bring a part of the meal. Volunteers and staff can come together during their lunch break to celebrate and get to know each other!

Has your school found creative ways to celebrate volunteers? Share them with FACE on Facebook or Twitter or email them to volunteer@philasd.org to get a shout out in a future newsletter!