Congratulations to the 2019 SAC & Volunteer Award Winners!

Posted on June 3, 2019
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After receiving dozens of applications from families, community members, and staff from across the District, the FACE Office is proud to announce this year’s SAC and Volunteer Award Winners! Check out the Award Winners and read snippets from their nomination essays below. Thank you for all you do for our schools!

2019 Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

Mr. Bailey at Bethune’s Parent Appreciation Day.

Thomas Bailey, Volunteer at Mary M. Bethune School: “Mr. Bailey has a strong positive parent connection, engages with recruiting parents to join the Bethune Volunteer Brigade and attends workshops. Through his dedication, he has helped increase Family Engagement at Bethune Elementary School.” (Dorian Harris, Family Engagement Liaison)

Lydia Green, Volunteer at Samuel Powel School: “Mrs. Green is the ULTIMATE volunteer! She has been providing dedicated assistance and service at Powel for years! The list of what she does is too long to name, but just to share a few: she chaperones, makes copies, assists in classrooms as needed by all grade teachers…She is loved, valued and appreciated by everyone at Powel!” (Chausiku Ridgway, Teacher)

SAC Award Winners

The FACE Office awarded five recipients for their accomplishments related to School Advisory Councils. We appreciate the passion, hard work, and dedication they all put forth for their schools! Check out these wonderful award winners below:

Most Dedicated SAC Member

Ms. Falligan at FACE’s End-of-Year Celebration in May 2019.

Lorraine Falligan, Kenderton Elementary: “Mrs. Lorraine Falligan is…unofficially the grandmother of all the children that attend Kenderton…She is a friend and a listening ear for many parents and families of the Kenderton community. She is respected by the school staff for all of the support that she has given…For all of those reasons that I have listed I believe no one is more deserving of this recognition than Mrs. Lorraine Falligan!” (Shereda Cromwell, Parent)

Tosha Taylor, Edward Steel School:  “Ms. Taylor…is faithful and comes every day…She is a wonderful person who is patient, caring, and extremely helpful in assisting students, parents, and staff at our school…Throughout the years, Ms. Taylor has also served as the SAC President and Home and School Association at Edward T. Steel School. Ms. Taylor is truly an asset to our school.” (Sovanrith Ngor, School Improvement Support Liaison)

Most Supportive SAC Principal

Principal Rivera with Superintendent Dr. Hite. Photo: Juniata News.

Margaret Shriver, Francis Hopkinson School: “Principal Shriver is very organized with everything…[She] is always willing to listen carefully to what the parents said during the SAC Meetings…she is always looking for resources or activities outside in the community…[Her] enthusiasm and optimism and her open attitude give to the parents and students a welcome environment at the school.” (Linda Maldonado, Family Engagement Liaison)

Marisol Rivera-Rodriguez, Juniata Park Academy: “Principal Rivera is very diligent…and caring with her parents at the school. Ms. Rivera, always is present at the SAC meetings, she assures that the parents have a voice in the agenda so that they can discuss any aspect about the school…Ms. Rivera treats the parents with respect and encourages them to participate actively at the school for the well being of their students.” (Linda Maldonado, Family Engagement Liaison)

SAC-of-the-Year Award

Duckrey SAC Members after hosting a workshop on attendance earlier this year.

Tanner Duckrey School: “Tanner Duckrey Elementary School exemplifies what makes a strong SAC team…Principal Cohen and Ass’t Principal Cronin attended all scheduled SAC meeting dates and gave their support to the teams’ outstanding events during the school year. The SAC team has reached out to over 100 parents during the school year for attending workshops at Duckrey School…” (Dorian Harris, Family Engagement Liaison)



Congratulations to all of our 2019 SAC and Volunteer Award Winners! Look for full-length features on winners next school year in Focus on FACE!