Establishing Good Homework Habits

Posted on October 1, 2019
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Many teachers will assign homework for students to reinforce the hard work completed within the classroom. Supporting your children with their homework is a great way to remain engaged in their education and stay up to date with classroom news. Focus on FACE has compiled a few helpful tips to help you establish positive homework habits and spaces to ensure student success!

Set up a schedule. Consider working with your child to agree on a homework schedule. Maybe your child will do homework as soon as they get home or perhaps they need a 30-minute break first. Either way, consider building in breaks if your child tends to get restless. Post the schedule somewhere that your child can see it and know that there is an expected routine. Be sure not to push doing homework until too late at night, however, as there is more risk of getting distracted or tired.

Establish homework rules. Try to agree upon homework rules that prevent distraction. Examples of this may be, “no television” or “no texting.” Agreeing on these rules together may add a sense of ownership and responsibility for the rules.

Have a Contact List. Try to have a list of three or four classmates or family phone numbers or email addresses. If your child forgets an assignment or something at school, it is helpful to have some contacts that you can refer to quickly. In addition, be sure to have their teacher’s contact information on hand!

Review what your child did at school. Sometimes children may forget what they learned in school and feel discouraged if they do not know how to do their homework. Have your child show you similar problems that they did in class in an effort to jog their memory. You also may be able to walk them through the steps and help them remember.

Set up a comfortable homework space. Have a quiet space with all necessary materials so that your child can focus on their homework. Be sure it is not close to games, the TV, or other things that can cause distraction. A place that has bright lighting, a good surface, and plenty of space for your child to do work is especially helpful.

We know that not all students (or families) enjoy the homework process, but these established, consistent homework habits will allow your child to feel confident about the work that they can accomplish at home!

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