Questions for Families and Teachers for Productive Report Card Conferences

Posted on November 6, 2019
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As Report Card Conferences quickly approach, we realize that productive conversations must have both listening and responding between families and teachers. Asking specific questions and deeply listening to responses is critical in discussing student progress and future steps for growth. Read this article for suggested questions that family members and teachers can ask each other during report card conferences to facilitate productive conversations for student success.

Questions for Family Members to Ask Teachers:

  • How is my child’s performance in various academic subjects?
  • What are some subjects in which my child excels?
  • What are the subjects in which my child could grow/improve?
  • What are some specific strategies I can use at home to help my child?
  • Are there specific books or series of books that my child can/should read at home?
  • What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses within the classroom?
  • What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses outside of the classroom?
  • Does my child have positive relationships and friendships at school?
  • What are the behavioral, social, or emotional skills that my child is good at or need improvement?
  • What are some extracurricular classes that my child is good at? What are some extracurricular classes that my child needs improvement in?

Questions for Teachers to Ask:

  • Have you seen similar or different behaviors at home that we are seeing at school?
  • What are some things your child is passionate about or enjoys?
  • What kinds of activities or extracurricular activities does your child engage in outside of school?
  • What are some areas of concern for you for your child?
  • What do you think your child’s strengths and weaknesses are?
  • What does your child share about school at home?
  • Does your child regularly read at home?
  • What are your child’s homework habits at home?
  • Are there relationships with peers or school staff that your child talks about at home?

Use the above questions and the At-the-Conference Checklist linked below in your report card conferences!

Although the above list is not a complete list of questions, they may help put both the family member and teacher on the same page in understanding the student. Remember, collaboration and communication are keys to a beneficial conference! Be sure to go in ready to listen actively and have room to express any concerns/questions that you may have. Here are some further resources that may help you during your conference and help you stay connected with one another:

At-the-Conference Checklist

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