April 2021 Reading Promise: 5 Free Fun-in-the-sun Activities to Boost Reading This Spring

Posted on March 30, 2021
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Ahhhh, Philly Spring! If you’re like us, we’ve been in the house too long. And this warm weather means a chance to go outside and have some fun. But don’t forget, making time for creativity and play outdoors is also a great way to boost reading skills.

Here are a few fun (and free) activities to try with your young reader:

Listen and repeat. Close your eyes. What do you hear? Talk about the sounds of Spring. Do you hear cars buzzing by with their radio on? Kids playing and laughing? What about the chirping birds? Ask your child, “Can you make that sound? Cheep, cheep, cheep.” Talk about what other words have that EEE sound.

Chalk your next walk! When you’re done playing a round of alphabet hopscotch, try writing out sight words. Sight words are the top words K-3 students should know by heart and recognize without sounding them out. Write sight words on the ground in chalk and have your child practice tracing them with rocks, sticks, or whatever else they can find.

Natural Navigator. On your next trip to the store, a friend’s house, or to get water ice, ask your child to help navigate. Talk together about which way you need to. Ask your child, “Are we walking left or right?” “What stop do we get off again? Oh, thank you!” Giving directions is a fun way to build vocabulary, learn fun new words, and boost confidence.

Minute Messages. On an extra hot day, take out a cup of water and write messages or wishes on the ground with an old paintbrush or even a stick. Talk about them until they evaporate and disappear.

Bring Storytime Outdoors. A good book can travel with you. Whether it’s a hardback or one of the Free Library’s amazing children’s audiobooks you can read for free with your library card, bring stories outside to read anywhere, anytime.

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