Posted on March 1, 2023
Categories: Health & Wellness

A serious topic such as drug use in our city deserves to be talked about by a local expert you can trust. With so much information available, it can be difficult to know where to go or what to pay attention to – what are the signs of serious drug use? What are some myths about drug use in our city? Where can someone turn to if they need resources or help?

So, we here at FACT have partnered with the City of Philadelphia’s Opioid Response Unit to bring you a free workshop full of resources, good data, and more from Deputy Director Keli McLoyd. In her own words, Keli described her work as “supporting communication and collaboration between 35 city agencies” that are working together to help our city when it comes to drug use. Keli added that “We work closely with the schools because kids are experiencing this and they may not have the language needed to talk about the trauma they are experiencing.”

Keli will be starting off with a look at the data of drug use in our city; we’ll then move into some myth busting around drug use and try to get what Keli called “a better understanding of what’s really happening” when it comes to drugs in our city. “If you live in Philadelphia, you are affected by this and I think knowledge is power.” Keli said, while speaking on the drug use happening in our city. After reviewing some of the data we’ll start to look at practical resources that our families can access and where to turn if help is needed. As Keli said “this is an everybody problem” and we here at FACT hope you’ll join us for a workshop that will be useful to everyone in our city, a workshop where you’ll leave empowered with information and resources.