Family Academy: Courses and Training (FACT)

Welcome! FACT offers FREE in-person and virtual workshops for families and School District of Philadelphia community members. Our workshops support personal growth, student success, and greater connections within our school communities and city.

Join us for all new family workshops this year, offered in TWO great formats:


In-person Family Saturdays with workshops for the whole family at 440 N Broad Street


Engaging virtual workshops, offered morning and evening and recorded to view later

FACT Live Workshop Calendar

All are welcome! Registration is required for In-Person Family Saturdays and encouraged for virtual sessions.

You can join Zoom sessions on your computer, mobile app, or telephone. CLICK HERE to learn how.

Interpretation is available by request. Request by registering at least eight days before the workshop you want to attend.

Date of WorkshopTime(s)FormatWorkshop TitleWorkshop DescriptionProvider/Partner
Thursday, February 22, 202410:00 am (Join Here) AND 5:00 pm (Join Here)VirtualSelf-Care Essentials for ParentsThis compact yet impactful 40-60 minute workshop is designed to empower parents with essential self-care strategies that enable them to prioritize their well-being while managing the demands of parenting.EduWellness
Tuesday, February 27, 202410:00 am (Join Here) AND 5:00 pm (Join Here)VirtualCultivating a Positive Math MindsetParents will discuss what math anxiety is, and how it can affect students' identity, and growth in the area of mathematics. We will explore ways to create a positive math identity in ourselves and within our students.Office of Curriculum & Instruction (SDP)
Tuesday, March 5, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualEngaging Excellence: Supporting Students with Barriers to LearningThis workshop is designed to address the needs of families that have children with learning disabilities. By helping caregivers gain new perspectives of the nuances of their child’s diagnosis and identify the who, what, where, to access appropriate resources we believe that this will encourage increased engagement by caregivers. An additional component the Engaging Excellence workshop will explore is the history, personal experiences, problems and solutions regarding learning disabilities, and how to determine children’s needs in school.ASK for Tutoring
Thursday, March 7, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualYouth Trauma Exposure- Warning Signs and ResponsesYouth Trauma Exposure: Warning Signs and Responses is a presentation designed to address acute, chronic, and complex forms of trauma among youth. Given recent global events, trauma is at an all-time high and we have designed our seminar and training to meet these demands. Beyond The Exterior, Inc.
Tuesday, March 12, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualAnxiety & Key Coping StrategiesThis workshop focuses on the issue of control and how to regain and maintain control, which is the underlying cause of fear, which triggers anxiety. Additionally, an in-depth look at the effects of social media and the power of F.O.M.O. will help parents understand how to gain better control of these influences.DBA Personal Safety & Educational Development
Saturday, March 16, 202410:00amIn-Person Family SaturdayUnderstanding Financial Aid OffersIt’s decision time! Bring your student’s financial aid offers for an interactive workshop that will help you make sense of their choices. We will also discuss strategies to bridge financial aid gaps when an affordable option seems out of reach. Philadelphia Education Fund
Saturday, March 16, 202410:00amIn-Person Family SaturdayBasics of Fundraising for SchoolsThe session will teach stakeholders the basics of getting extra funds and resources for medium size school priorities through fundraising, grant writing, and donations. Attendees will learn best practices in working with principals to make sure goals are aligned. The Philadelphia Home and School Council will share their policies regarding fundraising and money collection.Office of Grant Development (SDP) and Philadelphia Home and School Council
Saturday, March 16, 202410:00amIn-Person Family SaturdayBuilding Family Resilience Through MindfulnessDiscover the power of mindfulness to promote peace and build resilience in family life. In this interactive workshop, learn easy, everyday techniques like breathing exercises and guided imagery to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and improve sleep. Empower the family to deal with day-to-day challenges with renewed focus. The Folke Institute
Saturday, March 16, 202410:00amIn-Person Family SaturdayThe Art of Storytelling with Cousin JohnWe want to know your story, and no one can tell it better than you! Join us for The Art of Storytelling workshop with author and educator, Cousin John. Family members of all ages are invited to recall memorable moments and share important stories of their history. Participants will have an opportunity to create through writing and movement in a session that is designed for everyone to have fun. Chase Books
Saturday, March 16, 202410:00amIn-Person Family SaturdayThe Fathering CircleParticipants will gain insight, parenting skills and a deeper understanding of themselves and their family members through the use of peer circle discussion, lectures, reading
materials and journaling that examines male socialization and its effects on their
relationships with the goal of creating deeper, healthier connections between parents and children
The Fathering Circle
Tuesday, March 19, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualUnlocking Your Creativity and Monetizing Your Zone of GeniusThis course will explore how to strategize and monetize your gifts. Through a series of intensive exercises and self-assessments, you’ll pinpoint your innate strengths and talents. We’ll experiment with modern day creative mediums in a judgement-free environment.The Established
Thursday, March 21, 202410:00 am (Join Here) OR 5:00 pm (Join Here)VirtualMath Fluency Without Fear: Supporting Students to Develop an Understanding of Math Facts Do flash cards really work? In this session, families will explore the idea of math fluency, its importance to becoming mathematically powerful, and how to help students develop it.Office of Curriculum & Instruction (SDP)
Tuesday, April 16, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualDiscovering Your Child's Hidden PotentialThis workshop introduces three critical assessment tools to help parents discover their child’s hidden potential: 1) The "Color Code”, a fun, parent-friendly assessment that utilizes four colors to uncover a child’s personality, communication preference, and motivational triggers. 2) A Learning Style Assessment to determine how children process information for maximum retention, and 3) A Multiple Intelligence Assessment that identifies a child’s natural talents. These three resources, along with the Theory of 10,000 hours will equip parents with the tools to identify, nurture, and support their child’s personality and interests---and ultimately to discover their child’s hidden potential. DBA Personal Safety & Educational Development
Thursday, April 18, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualWhat Parents Need to Know about Student Threats & SafetyDuring this session, participants will discuss the District’s threat assessment protocol and the procedures followed when there is a potential threat (physical or virtual) made towards students, staff and/or a school.Office of School Safety (SDP)
Saturday, April 20, 202410:00 am In-Person Family SaturdayWhat's the Vision? Write the Vision & Make and PlanVision Board Party is a goal setting event where families can come together and create a visualization of their goals. Create a board with images of all the goals and dreams that will inspire throughout the years.Essential Elements of Community
Saturday, April 20, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdaySelf-Care for Parents: Navigating Life's Ups and DownsThis workshop is designed for adults who are juggling the demands of life and parenthood. We offer a range of art activities that serve as a creative outlet for stress and a pathway to inner peace. Open to all adults, this workshop doesn't require any artistic skills. Just come ready to relax, recharge, and gain practical insights into self-care that you can apply in your daily life as a parent.Sankofa Healing Studio
Saturday, April 20, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdayHow To Use All This New Math!This workshop will explain how the new math methods taught are directly connected to the traditional or old math methods many adults are more comfortable with. We will explain the rationale for and how they and their children both benefit from learning the new methods of math computation.All This Math
Saturday, April 20, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdayColor Your Plate: Adding Fruits and Veggies to Family MealsAdd some color to your meals with Eat Right Philly! We know it can be hard getting kids to eat their veggies! We are here to help! In this workshop, we will talk about some easy and fun ways to add fruits and vegetables to you and your child’s plate! Together, we will plant herbs to take home and make a colorful, veggie-filled meal that your family will love! Eat Right Philly Nutrition and Wellness Program (SDP)
Saturday, April 20, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdayResin and Gratitude CollageThis hands-on workshop invites you to use recycled materials you collect (old holiday cards, dried flowers, stickers, etc.) to transform feelings into art pieces. Participants will create a personalized resin art journal and gratitude collage. Trainer Joy Best will share strategies to use art journaling to help your participants explore their sense of self, how colors connect to emotions, meditative practices, and expression of gratitude.Revive Art Journaling
Thursday, April 25, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualFamily Wellness - Nurturing a Balanced LifeCityschoolista
Tuesday, April 30, 202410:00 am (Join Here) AND 5:00 pm (Join Here)VirtualFamily Math Webinar #4Office of Curriculum & Instruction (SDP)
Tuesday, May 7, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualAsthma Basics: Students Can Control Their Asthma, Learn How!Community Asthma Prevention Program, CHOP
Thursday, May 9, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualThe Power of Positive ParentingTurning Points for Children
Tuesday, May 14, 202410:00 am AND 5:00 pmVirtualParent's Guide to Cultivating a Love for ReadingDBA Personal Safety & Educational Development
Saturday, May 18, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdayUnscripted Project: Improv for FamiliesThe Unscripted Project
Saturday, May 18, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdayStories, science, and nature- naturally work together!Karen Lefkovitz
Saturday, May 18, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdayCreative Cleansing Colors Enhancing Resilience Through ArtBeyond The Exterior, Inc.
Saturday, May 18, 202410:00 amIn-Person Family SaturdayDiscovering ways to de-stress as a familyHealthy NewsWorks
Tuesday, May 21, 202410:00 am (Join Here) AND 5:00 pm (Join Here)VirtualFamily Math Webinar #5Office of Curriculum & Instruction (SDP)

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