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Accelerated High Schools

The Office of Multiple Pathways to Graduation, under the Opportunity Network, provides options for students who have previously dropped out (or those with low high school credits) to return to school through an “educational pathway.” These pathways are designed to assist students in earning their high school diploma or its equivalent.

The Opportunity Network offers four different program types, and three different learning models, to best meet every students’ needs, interests, and goals. Explore the options below to find out which program fits you best. If you are interested in any of these programs, please visit the Re-Engagement Center‘s website to learn more about applying.

What are Accelerated Programs?

Accelerated High School Programs are contract-managed and designed for students who want to get back on track to graduate within three years or less. Interested students must be:

  • Between the ages of 16-21
  • Be at least two years behind in school
  • Have earned 13.5 or fewer high school credits

Teacher-based (Traditional)

This model is most like a traditional classroom in which the teacher guides most of the instruction. Classwork and Homework should be expected.

Blended Learning

A combination of traditional and computer-based models. Classes are teacher-led but these schools focus heavily on using a computer-based curriculum to complete assignments and projects and to communicate directly with instructors.

Liguori Academy Fortis

What is the Dual Enrollment Program?

The Dual Enrollment Program in a contract-managed and is located on the main campus of Community College of Philadelphia. Through the dual enrollment option, students have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma and college credit simultaneously.

Interested students must be:

  • Age 16-21
  • Have the ability to complete requirements for graduation before or during the year of their 2nd birthday
  • Have no more than 21 academic high school credits
  • Demonstrate reading ability at an 8th grade level or higher
  • Live in Philadelphia

Dual Enrollment Program: Gateway to College

What is the Adult Diploma Program?

The Adult Diploma program is specifically designed for adult learners, meaning anyone 18 years or older who are interested in receiving their high school diploma. The average age of students is 33 years old.

One Bright Ray – Mansion Evening
One Bright Ray – Simpson Evening

Other adult education programs: If you are an adult learner and are interested in exploring all adult education options with the Opportunity Network, please visit the Educational Option Program page for more information.