Instructional Walk-Through Reports

Instructional Walk-throughs are formal observations in which a review team focuses primarily on the main instructional aspects of a program.

Instructional Walk-throughs are formal observations held during the Spring, in which a review team focuses primarily on the instructional aspects of a program for the following components:

• Academic Success Questions with Leadership;
• Academic Success Questions with Teachers;
• Academic Success Questions with Students;
• and Classroom Observations.

Operational and Instructional Walk-throughs are used to collect qualitative data, which gives us a sense of the students’ experience at the program and help us develop a sense of each individual program’s quality, as well as the quality of all programs/schools across the Network.

Program NameProgram TypeSY 2020-2021SY 2018-2019SY 2017-2018SY 2016-2017
Camelot AcademyAEDY2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
Camelot Academy EastAEDY2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
El Centro de EstudiantesAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
Excel Academy NorthAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
Excel Academy SouthAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
Excel Middle Years AcademyContinuation2020-20212018-20192017-2018Not Applicable
Gateway to CollegeDual Enrollment2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
Liguori Academy FortisAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-2018Not Applicable
OIC CADIAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
Ombudsman Accelerated NWAlternative2020-20212018-20192016-2017
One Bright Ray - ElmwoodAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
One Bright Ray - FairhillAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
One Bright Ray - MansionAlternative2020-20212018-2019Not ApplicableNot Applicable
One Bright Ray - Mansion EveningAdult Education2020-20212018-2019Not ApplicableNot Applicable
One Bright Ray - SimpsonAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-20182016-2017
Philadelphia OIC Workforce AcademyAlternative2020-20212018-20192017-2018Not Applicable