District-Wide Surveys

The four surveys (student, parent & guardian, teacher, and principal) measure five key constructs, or topics, related to school improvement:


Areas affecting the school environment: school mission and vision, respectful relationships, student safety and support, and challenges to student learning.


Student engagement and how students, parents/guardians, and teachers feel about the quality of teaching and learning at their school.


How school leaders communicate and implement their school vision, how they manage their responsibilities, and how they perceive their level of autonomy.

Professional Capacity:

How school staff work together, what types of professional development teachers receive, and if teachers feel supported in growing and innovating in their classrooms.

Parent/Guardian-Community Ties:

How schools reach out to and communicate with parents/guardians, what parents/guardians think about these efforts, and how parents/guardians are getting involved with their child’s education.

Additionally, each of the five main constructs is comprised of sub-constructs that can be used for a closer look at specific areas where leaders and stakeholders might target their attention. For many (but not all) constructs, the surveys ask similar questions of multiple respondent groups (e.g., teachers, students, and parents/guardians) to allow comparison of different views.

The District-wide Surveys are facilitated by the Office of Research and Evaluation. Visit their website for more information.

School Profiles

The District Performance Office uses data gathered from the District-wide surveys are uploaded to the School District of Philadelphia website in an interactive Qlik public data tool. Each profile displays longitudinal climate data for every school/program in the district.

Program NameProgram TypeSY 2021-2022SY 2020-2021SY 2019-2020SY 2018-2019
Achieve AcademyTransition Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Achieve Academy EastTransition Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Benjamin Franklin High School EOPEducational Options Program---2020-20212019-20202018-2019
El Centro de EstudiantesAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Excel Academy NorthAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Excel Academy SouthAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Excel Middle Years AcademyContinuation Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Gateway to CollegeDual Enrollment Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Liguori Academy FortisAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
Northeast High School EOPEducational Options Program2021-20222020-2021---2018-2019
OIC Career and Academic Development InstituteAccelerated Program2021-2022---2019-20202018-2019
Ombudsman Northwest AcceleratedAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
One Bright Ray - ElmwoodAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
One Bright Ray - FairhillAccelerated Program2021-20222020-2021---2018-2019
One Bright Ray - MansionAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
One Bright Ray - Mansion EveningAdtul Diploma Program---2020-20212019-20202018-2019
One Bright Ray - SimpsonAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
South Philadelphia High School EOPEducational Options Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019
YESPhillyAccelerated Program2021-20222020-20212019-20202018-2019