Key Dates

September: Professional Development/Coaching Supports on Plan Implementation

October: QlikBAM | SchoolNet | PVAAS | eMetric | Data Analysis for School Improvement Plan Implementation Professional Development

January-April: School Improvement Planning Phase 1 (Root Cause Analysis and Budgeting 2022-2023)

Schools will use various data sources to review both whole school and subgroup data in order to identify strengths and challenges. Stakeholders will be engaged in the planning process including the identification of root causes to select resources, aligned with District priorities, that will be allocated to address the school’s needs.

May: School Improvement Planning Phase 2 (Action Plan Development 2022-2023)

Schools will identify priority areas in order to set measurable goals as a way to monitor progress made toward addressing the needs of your school. This will occur through the identification of evidence based approaches that will help achieve school-based goals and improve student achievement.

June: School Improvement Planning Phase 3 (Stakeholder Input and Final Edits 2020-2021) and Phase 4 (School Plan Sign Offs and Submission 2022-2023)

Stakeholders represented on the school’s planning committee will support the school in review of and input on the development, editing and preparation for final submission of the school plan.

Schools will complete a final review of the plan in preparation for sign-off and submissions of finalized school plans by the Superintendent, Board President, and CSI/ATSI school principals.