Posted on August 17, 2020
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Categories: college & career, Senior Exit and Follow-Up, surveys

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires each district to administer a senior exit survey to capture students’ intentions after high school—specifically, whether they plan to obtain additional education, secure employment, or pursue other activities. In recent years, ORE asked respondents to volunteer contact information for a follow-up survey. In the winter of 2018-19, ORE administered a new Graduate Follow-up Survey designed to better understand the experiences of recent SDP graduates; learn about obstacles to the post-graduation plans initially indicated on the Senior Exit Survey; and understand whether students who intended to work post-graduation have made smooth transitions to the workforce. Last year, the Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) surveyed 937 graduates (class of 2018) about their postsecondary college and career experiences. This slide deck summarizes the findings from that survey.

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