Posted on February 19, 2021
Categories: health & nutrition

This series of four reports is the result of a case study process evaluation of the SNAP-Ed nutrition education partnership, Eat Right Philly (ERP), conducted in 2018-19. The reports focus on the implementation and effectiveness of SNAP-Ed community partnerships.

The first report, Cultivating Readiness, focuses on the early stages of program implementation and examines the factors that facilitate the initial implementation of policy, systems, and environment (PSE) changes,

The second report, Supporting Implementation, focuses on the mid-stages of program implementation to identify implementation challenges and successes encountered by ERP partners.

The third report, Sustaining Partnerships, discusses how ERP can implement policy, systems, and environment (PSE) changes that can be sustained over time.

The fourth report, Measuring Implementation for Collective Impact, identifies opportunities for ERP partners to measure, align, and coordinate programming.

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