Posted on March 15, 2021
Categories: blended learning, effective instruction

In 2018-19, the School District of Philadelphia chose a new cohort of classrooms at 32 schools to receive support implementing the Blended Learning Initiative (BLI). These schools joined an existing cohort of classrooms at 39 schools selected to participate in Year 1 of the initiative in 2016-17. This 15-page report responds to three primary research questions as they relate to Cohort 2 Year 2 of the Blended Learning Initiative (BLI):

  1. How did teachers and principals perceive BLI implementation in 2019-20?
  2. How often did students use the online adaptive programs, and how did this frequency compare to previous years?
  3. How frequently did staff from the Office of Educational Technology provide BLI coaching sessions, and what was the pedagogical focus?

(For our report on Year 2 of Cohort 1, click here. For our report on Year 1 of Cohort 2, click here.)