The Philly School Experience Survey is the annual survey for Philly public school students, families, and staff.

The 2023-24 PSES has closed for all survey groups.

Preliminary results will be available here in mid-August.

2023-24 Survey Administration Resources

The parent/guardian response rate spreadsheet remains available here.

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2022-23 Survey Results

Explore each topic and question in detail using the Philly School Experience Survey dashboard.

Review Philly School Experience Survey highlights along with other school information, such as enrollment and assessment data, using the School Profiles website.

This deck summarizes the 2022-23 survey results for District and alternative schools, highlighting system-level trends across the six core survey topics and exploring survey data as it relates to the Accelerate Philly.

View, print, or share results for individual schools using the school summary PDFs.

Download entire data sets using the Philly School Experience Survey open data files.

About the Philly School Experience Survey (PSES)

Each year, the Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) administers the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) Philly School Experience Survey (PSES) to Philadelphia public schools in both the District and Charter sectors. This survey, which is administered to students, parents/guardians, teachers, school support staff, and principals/assistant principals, measures six key topics related to school improvement:

  • School Climate – Areas affecting the school environment: school mission and vision, respectful relationships, student safety and support, and challenges to student learning.
  • Instructional Environment – Student engagement and how students, parents/guardians, and teachers feel about the quality of teaching and learning at their school.
  • School Leadership – How school leaders communicate and implement their school vision, how they manage their responsibilities, and how they perceive their level of autonomy.
  • Professional Capacity – How school staff work together, what types of professional development teachers receive, and if teachers feel supported in growing and innovating in their classrooms.
  • Family Engagement – How schools reach out to and communicate with parents/guardians, what parents/guardians think about these efforts, and how parents/guardians are getting involved with their child’s education.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – How often issues of race, ethnicity, and culture are addressed in schools, the extent to which all students and staff feel they are valued members of the school community,  how integrated and fair school is for students from different backgrounds, and the extent to which schools promote an anti-racist professional culture.

The Philly School Experience Survey is one of the best tools we have for assessing different perspectives across topics. Your responses each year are also essential measures of progress related to our new Board Goals & Guardrails. For more information, contact the PSES Survey Team at

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