The District-Wide Survey is open now until May 14, 2021!

District staff: Please take the survey by clicking on the tile in your Portal. Charter staff: We will e-mail you a unique survey link.

What you say helps us improve and support our schools.

Even with virtual learning in place, we still need to hear from you. Schools continue to use survey results to inform many things including:

  • designing annual plans and secure funding for faculty, staff and materials
  • addressing challenges families face with school attendance, including technology and computer-skills issues, and
  • ramping up community resources and services that children and families need.

We all know that school has been very different this year, and yet, there are some things about it that are similar to in-person learning. This year’s DWS takes into account these differences and similarities by adding and removing some questions, but many remain the same, so we can compare responses from year to year. We will provide additional guidance within the survey about how respondents should think about the questions this year.

The District-Wide survey is one of the best tools we have for assessing different perspectives across topics. Your responses are also essential measures of progress related to our new Board Goals & Guardrails. For more information, contact the District-Wide Survey Team at

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