District-wide Surveys

The 2018-19 Surveys are NOW OPEN!

Use the table below to access the District-wide survey. There are four different surveys, so choose the role(s) that represent you. If you have a student, parent, or staff portal, click the checkmark icon to log in, then choose the “District-wide Survey” checkmark square to take the survey. Email schoolsurveys@philasd.org with any questions.





Have a parent portal account? Click here to take the survey.



Follow the link you received by email.*


Follow the link you received by email.*

*If you didn’t receive an email, first check any spam/junk/trash folders or search for an email from jlesnick@philasd.org or for “Help Us Improve Philly Schools” in the subject line. Still no email?  Contact schoolsurveys@philasd.org for help.

All surveys close June 7, 2019.

About the District-wide Survey

The District-wide Survey is a tool for capturing feedback from the school community on five key topics related to school improvement—climate, instruction, leadership, professional capacity, and parent/guardian-community ties.

The surveys reach thousands of students, teachers, principals, and parents/guardians annually, helping district and school leaders identify what is working well along with areas that need to be improved.

Open Data

Click here to access District-wide Survey data on our Open Data site.  You can then download a Zip file that contains student, parent/guardian, and teacher response data from the District-wide survey for those schools that met the response rate thresholds in each available school year. The data includes school name, ULCS code, response rate, and percentage of respondents that selected each response to each question at the school level. There is also a Zip file that contains all respondent data for all available years.

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