Our Mission

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) is vested with addressing those issues that put either our students, the employees who serve those students or the assets of the School District of Philadelphia at risk. The ORM’s mission is to ensure the continuity of education by addressing those events that could interrupt or denigrate the quality of education that we at the School District and the public at-large have committed to provide to our students.

Our Vision

Intellectual growth, leadership and greatness occurs when our educators take our children beyond their comfort zone and challenge them to go beyond their perceived limitations. ORM seeks to ensure that educational opportunities are realized by addressing the risks that could interfere with those opportunities. ORM does not seek to eliminate risk, but rather to manage it and to maximize opportunities.

The Office of Risk Management serves the School District by:

  • Identifying the potential harm to our students, employees and the potential loss of School District assets
  • Providing active leadership in managing risk of injury
  • Determining and providing the most cost effective methods of dealing with risk
  • Ensuring cost effective administration of claims while maintaining the highest standards in the loss claims industry
  • Promoting proper stewardship of the PSD assets and safety by developing protocols and initiatives

In executing our duties, ORM subscribes to the following precepts:

  1. Government owes the highest level of ethics in all of its dealings.
  2. Government programs should always strive to be the “Best in Class”; that is, that they should set the standard to which private industry and society should aspire.
  3. The School District has been entrusted with the public’s assets such as their schools. It has the duty to balance access to these assets with preserving them for future generations.
  4. The School District has undertaken programs for the betterment of society. These programs must be administered in a manner consistent with the highest ethical commitments and with constant vigilance both to the program’s intent and the public’s resources.