Workers’ Compensation

When an employee of the School District of Philadelphia sustains an injury, it not only impacts that employee’s life, the injury impacts his or her family and the continuity of our children’s education.

The ORM has redesigned its Workers’ Compensation program from the ground up to reduce both the frequency of Workers’ Compensation claims and the severity of those claims. Unfortunately, there will still be accidents arising in the workplace. The ORM has improved the delivery of medical services on behalf of injured employees including providing an enhanced database of both primary care providers and medical specialists. The ORM has arranged for treatment in more locations throughout Greater Philadelphia and has made arrangements with these medical providers to provide more appointments either before or after normal working hours.

The ORM has also instituted a comprehensive Return-to-Work program to allow employees to return to employment with a full paycheck. The ORM has also developed an Accident and Illness Prevention Program (AIPP) and is responsible for coordinating all strategies and methods for preventing injuries including, but not limited to, investigation of incidents, facility inspections and safety training.

The ORM has worked to make the process as easy as possible for the locations but relies on a partnership between the ORM and the schools to ensure that fellow employees receive the fullest extent of benefits.

What you should do if you are injured at work?

For an emergency, go to the nearest Emergency Room.

For all other incidents, report it — no matter how minor. The report must take place immediately to ensure that the employee receives proper medical attention and that the District complies with all state requirements.


  • Immediately advise your supervisor or principal of your injury/ incident
  • Your principal or his/her designee must call in the claim to the TPA at 1-888-476-2669 within 72 hours of the occurrence or learning of the occurrence. You will receive a follow-up call from your assigned adjuster once the claim is received.
  • Your principal or supervisor will provide you with a packet containing:
  1. Notice of Rights and Obligations (print, sign and fax this document to 215-400-4591),
  2. List of the Authorized Medical Providers,
  3. Prescription Card
  • After your principal or supervisor has called in your claim, he or she will be able to give you your claim number. You can go to any of the doctors appearing on the list of medical providers.
  • Any prescriptions given by the doctor can be filled at any pharmacy by presenting the cut-out prescription card:
  1. Complete the information appearing on the card
  2. Write your claim number in the space provided for your Social Security number (you do NOT need to use your Social Security number on this form)
  3. Your pharmacist will use that card to get authorization for the prescription