School Board Asks for City Council Support to Help Stem Gun Violence. Read details here.

School District implements Mask to Stay Option for asymptomatic students who have come in close contact with a COVID-positive person. Read details here
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The Board of Education Will Vote on Application to Form Multiple Charter School Organization

On Wednesday, May 1 the Philadelphia Charter Schools Office received an application to form a Multiple Charter School Organization (MCSO) from Freire Charter School. According to the Pennsylvania Charter Law, the Board of Education most vote on the MCSO application within 45 days of receipt. The Board will schedule a special meeting to hear from…

Happy National School Nurse Day 2019

Happy National School Nurse Day 2019

As a child abuse pediatrician, a former elementary school teacher and now a School District of Philadelphia Board Member, words cannot express my profound appreciation of school nurses and the importance of the work that they do. Their dedication to children is unparalleled. Every nurse I have ever met or spoken with always held the…