Posted on May 7, 2019
Categories: Insights with the Board

As a child abuse pediatrician, a former elementary school teacher and now a School District of Philadelphia Board Member, words cannot express my profound appreciation of school nurses and the importance of the work that they do. Their dedication to children is unparalleled. Every nurse I have ever met or spoken with always held the best interest of the child as paramount. During lectures I have provided to school nurses across in both PA and NJ, our school nurses are always eager to learn more and find ways to advocate for their students.  Not only do they bandage boos boos and respond to emergencies to save lives, they focus on prevention of illness and promotion of wellness, the primary goal of pediatrics. School nurses assure that children receive appropriate medical care, vaccinations and health screenings such as vision and hearing; and we all know that healthy children have better attendance and are better able to learn in the classroom. That is why the School District of Philadelphia proudly ensures that every school has a full time school nurse as we know their service to our children is invaluable. Thank you to all of our school nurses!

-Board member and Policy Committee Co-Chair, Dr. Maria McColgan