District policies are used as governance tools for the Board of Education, and as resources for District administrators, employees, students, parents, family members, residents, community members, and other stakeholders.

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Board Bylaws & Operating Guidelines

Board Programs

Policies in this section include important information on various District programs such as instruction, curriculum development, nondiscrimination practices, special education programs, English language development programs, career and technical education, homebound instruction, field trips, extracurricular activities, and school wellness programs.

101 School Improvement
102 Multiracial/Multicultural/Gender Education
103 Nondiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices103 Administrative Procedures
103.1 Nondiscrimination-Qualified Students with Disabilities-Protected Handicapped Students103.1 Administrative Procedures
104 Eliminated by Board Action on June 23, 2022
105 Curriculum Development105 Administrative Procedures
105.1 Curriculum Review by Parents-Guardians and Students
105.2 Exemption from Instruction105.2 Administrative Procedures
107 Adoption of Planned Instruction
108 Adoption of Instructional Resources and Materials108 Administrative Procedures
111 Lesson Plans111 Administrative Procedures
112 Comprehensive School Counseling Program112 Administrative Procedures
113 Special Education
113.1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities
113.2 Behavior Support
113.3 Screening and Evaluations for Students with Disabilities
113.4 Confidentiality of Special Education Student Information
114 Gifted Education
115 Career and Technical Education115 Administrative Procedures
117 Homebound Instruction
119 Controversial Issues119 Administrative Procedures
120 Eliminated by Board Action on May 30, 2019
121 Field Trips, Social Events, and Class Trips121 Administrative Procedures
122 Extracurricular Activities122 Administrative Procedures
123 Interscholastic Athletics123 Administrative Procedures
123.1 Concussion Management123.1 Administrative Procedures
123.2 Eliminated by Board Action on January 26, 2023
123.3 Sportsmanship123.3 Administrative Procedures
126 Class Size126 Administrative Procedures
127 Assessments127 Administrative Procedures
137 Home Education Program137 Administrative Procedure
137.1 Extracurricular Participation by Home Education Students137.1 Administrative Procedure
138 English Language Development/Bilingual Education Program
139 Supporting Language Accessibility for Parents and Guardians Whose Primary Language is Not English139 Administrative Procedures
141 Renaissance Schools Initiative
145 School Wellness: Nutrition and Physical Education and Activity145 Administrative Procedures


Policies in this section include important information on student attendance, enrollment, health screenings, promotion and retention, graduation requirements, student code of conduct, bullying/cyberbullying, harassment and discrimination, and student rights and responsibilities.

200 Enrollment of Students
201 Admission of Students
202_Eligibility Of Nonresident Students
203 Immunization and Communicable Diseases203 Administrative Procedures
203.1 HIV Infection and Pupils203.1 Administrative Procedures
204 Attendance
205 Eliminated by Board Action on December 13, 2018
206 Assignment within The District
207 Confidential Communications of Students
208 Withdrawal from School
209 Health Examinations/Screenings
209.1 Food Allergy Management209.1 Administrative Procedures
209.2 Diabetes Management Policy209.2 Administrative Procedures
210 Use of Medication/Medication Technology210 Administrative Procedures
210.1 Possession/Use of Emergency Medications210.1 Administrative Procedures
211 Student Accident Insurance
212 Reporting Student Progress212 Administrative Procedures
213 Assessment Of Student Progress213 Administrative Procedures
215 Promotion and Retention215 Administrative Procedures
216 Student Records216 Administrative Procedure
216.1 Eliminated by Board Action on May 28, 2020
216.2 Eliminated by Board Action on May 28, 2020
217 Graduation Requirements217 Administrative Procedures
218 Student Conduct and Discipline
School Year 2022-23 Student Code of Conduct
218.1 Weapons
219 Student Complaints
220 Administrative Procedures
221 Dress and Grooming
222 Administrative Procedures
224 Student Care of School Property
225 Head Start Policy Council225 Administrative Procedures
226 Searches
227 Eliminated by Board Action on June 29, 2023Click here to view where content is located in other Board policies
228 Eliminated by Board Action on December 13, 2018
229 Eliminated by Board Action on June 27, 2019
230 Public Performances by Students230 Administrative Procedures
231 Eliminated by Board Action on May 30, 2019
232 Student Voice in Decision Making232 Administrative Procedures
233 Suspension and Expulsion233 Administrative Procedures
234 Pregnant/Parenting/Married Students234 Administrative Procedures
235.1 Student Surveys235.1 Administrative Procedures
237 Student Use of Electronic Devices237 Administrative Procedures
240 Eliminated by Board Action on June 27, 2019
247 Hazing247 Administrative Procedures
248 Harassment and Discrimination - Students248 Administrative Procedures - Procedure A
248 Administrative Procedures - Procedure B
249 Bullying/Cyberbullying249 Administrative Procedure
251 Students Experiencing Homelessness251 Administrative Procedures
252 Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students
253 Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention253 Administrative Procedures
255 Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care


Policies in this section include important information for employees related to code of ethics, use of social media and electronic communications, conduct and reporting requirements, freedom of speech and political activities, leave information, and procedures to report harassment and discrimination of employees.

300 Employee Code of Ethics300 Administrative Procedures
301 Creating a Position
304 Employment of District Staff304 Administrative Procedures
305 Employment of Substitutes
307 Student Teachers, Residents and Interns
308 Eliminated by Board Action on September 19, 2019
309 Assignment and Transfer
313 Employee Evaluations
313.1 Evaluation of Professional Employees
314 Eliminated by Board Action on January 27, 2022
314.1 Eliminated by Board Action on January 25, 2024
315 Renumbered By Board Action to Policy 225 on June 27, 2019
316 Staff Use of Social Media and Electronic Communications
317 Employee Conduct and Reporting Requirements317 Administrative Procedures
317.1 Eliminated by Board Action on March 26, 2020
320 Freedom Of Speech and Political Activities
321 Eliminated by Board Action on September 19, 2019
323 Tobacco Product, Alternative Nicotine Product, and Vapor Product Use by Employees323 Administrative Procedures
324 Personnel Files324 Administrative Procedures
325 Eliminated by Board Action on January 27, 2022
328 Compensation Plans/Salary Schedules
330 Overtime and Discretionary Time330 Administrative Procedures
331 Employee Travel, Meal and Expense Reimbursement331 Administrative Procedures
333_Professional Learning333 Administrative Procedures
334 Sick Leave
335 Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)335 Administrative Procedure
336 Personal Leave
338 Restoration to Health Sabbatical Leave
338.1 Compensated Professional Leaves
340 Employee Roles and Responsibilities in Student Welfare
342 Jury Duty
345 Eliminated by Board Action on November 19, 2020
348 Harassment and Discrimination - Employees348 Administrative Procedures - A
348 Administrative Procedures - B
350 Eliminated by Board Action on June 27, 2019
351 Alcohol, Drug, and Substance Abuse

Charter Schools

Policies in this section include information on the Board’s processes as the charter school authorizer in Philadelphia.

*Board Action on November 19, 2020 revised 400 series




Policies in this section outline important information on District operations such as public records, school calendar, emergency preparedness, relations with law enforcement agencies, food services, transportation, insurance, use of technology, clearances and ratifications of contracts

800 Records Management800 Administrative Procedures
801 Public Records801 Administrative Procedures
802 School Organization
803 School Calendar803 Administrative Procedures
804 School Day804 Administrative Procedures
805 Emergency Preparedness805 Administrative Procedures
805.1 Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies805.1 Administrative Procedures
806 Child Abuse
807 Opening Exercises/Flag Displays807 Administrative Procedures
808 Food Services808 Administrative Procedures
810 Transportation810 Administrative Procedures
810.1 School Bus Drivers and School Commercial Vehicle Drivers810.1 Administrative Procedures
810.2 Transportation – Video/Audio Recording810.2 Administrative Procedures
810.3 School Vehicle Drivers810.3 Administrative Procedures
811 Bonding
812 Property Insurance
813 Other Insurance
814 Copyright Material814 Administrative Procedure
815 Acceptable Use of Internet, Technology, and Network Resources815 Administrative Procedure
815.1 Internet and Media Presence815.1 Administrative Procedure
817 Use Of Scanning Equipment To Detect Weapons817 Administrative Procedures Directive 2.3
818 Clearances for Contracted Services818 Administrative Procedures
820 Ratifications
822 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)822 Administrative Procedures
823 Naloxone823 Administrative Procedures
824 Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries824 Administrative Procedures
828 Suspected Financial Misconduct and Dishonesty828 Administrative Procedures
829 Information Security829 Information Security
830 Breach of Computerized Personal Information


Grant Management and Compliance

Policies in this section outline important information on the management of grants.

Office of Auditing Services

Policies in this section outline important information on auditing services.

Office of Inspector General

Policies in this section outline important information on services provided by the Office of Inspector General.