The Advisory Council will provide input and guidance to the Board on advancing the Board’s priorities by communicating the thoughts and points of view of Philadelphia public school parents and community members.

As mandated in the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter:

“The Board of Education shall convene at least twice-yearly a Parent and Community Advisory Council comprised of stakeholders from across the City to consult on issues pertaining to educational policy and family and community engagement in schools.”

The Parent and Community Advisory Council will serve as a link between Philadelphia communities and the Board of Education. The Parent and Community Advisory Council members will be charged with sharing Board priorities and decisions with their  divers networks and community. Additionally, Council members will collect feedback from their community on education matters related to the Board of Education’s priorities.

The Advisory Council will be made up of 13 individuals who will serve a full one year term for the duration of the following school year from when they are appointed.

Council members will identify at least 5 meetings in their community to attend over the course of the 2019-2020 school year. They will gather feedback from parents, caregivers and community members, specific to the Board’s Priorities: Student Achievement, Transparency and Accessibility, One System of Quality Schools and Financial Stability.

The Advisory Council will be made up of twelve (12) individuals selected by members of the Board. As a part of the Parent and Community Advisory Council, members will be expected to:

  • Work together to develop plans that produce real results and encourage engagement among parents/caregivers and community members;
  • Develop action steps to increase participation on yearly District-wide surveys;
  • Provide feedback by serving as a link between school communities and the Board;
  • Act as champions for public education by building relationships, sharing positive news, and acting in the best interest of District and charter schools;
  • Produce a yearly report to the Board that summarizes progress on goals and lessons learned; and
  • Meet at least twice in the school year with members of the Board.

This is an unpaid position which demands many hours of dedicated service to the young people of the city of Philadelphia as well as the communities that support them.

Term: Members of the Advisory Council will serve a full one year term for the duration of the following school year from when they are appointed.

Qualifications: Parent and Community Advisory Council Members must be the following:

  • Resident of Philadelphia
  • At least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Affiliated with a Philadelphia District or charter school (current parent/caregiver or a community member with a demonstrated commitment to supporting public schools)

In addition to the requirements above, the ideal candidate for the Parent and Community Advisory Council will:

  • Display a demonstrated commitment to the education of our city’s young people and ensuring access to a quality school in every neighborhood.
  • Be able to work together with the Board, staff, caregivers, and other community members who hold different ideas or views on education.
  • Participate in all meetings in a respectful and open manner.