Superintendent Search

In August 2022, following 10 years of service, Dr. William Hite will transition from his role as Superintendent for the School District of Philadelphia. The search for the next superintendent is officially underway!

Step 1: Hearing from YOU! Beginning October 11, the Board hosted or participated in 48 listening sessions over the course of 25 days! We also extended the survey time through Friday, November 12 so that we could continue to hear from as many Philadelphians as possible.

Step 2: We’re compiling all of your feedback into a public report so that you can see what your neighbors and your community had to say. To stay up to date on this process, we encourage you to sign up for email updates here. For all questions, email

AND COMING SOON: A full job description for the position of Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia will be posted shortly. In the meantime, you can nominate individuals or apply yourself for the position here.


The Search Timeline 

We’ve completed the Community Input process, and on Thursday, October 28, we moved to engage Isaacson, Miller as the firm to lead the search alongside the Board. Here are the next steps:

  • November 2021: Final Report released to the public, detailing themes and feedback gathered during the community input process.
  • November – December 2021: Job Description Released + Local and national search begins
  • January 2022: Superintendent interviews
  • January- February 2022: Board convenes Superintendent Search Advisory Committee to interview top 5 candidates + help inform selection of 2 finalists
  • February – March 2022: Public forums with final 2 candidates
  • Spring 2022: New Superintendent announced
  • August 2022: New Superintendent starts

Community Input

We Announced 17 Sessions in 18 Days...and Hosted 48 Sessions in 25 Days!


Listening Sessions




Individuals Engaged


Community Organizations
& Agencies Engaged

The Board set out to hear from Philadelphia’s parents and guardians, students, teachers, School District of Philadelphia employees, advocates, community and civic leaders, faith-based and interfaith leaders, and the many city agencies, commissions and partners who help power this District and believe in the possibilities of our children. Due to the overwhelming response by our city’s diverse community organizations and institutions, and YOU, the Board hosted, or partnered on, multiple in-person community input sessions in each Councilmanic District, increased our virtual sessions, and added a week to the public input process.

We heard from over 1317 people at 48 in-person and virtual listening sessions, and through 1326 surveys. And here’s just a few things we heard along the way: 

  1. We need a coalition builder, someone who will bring parents and families, diverse partners, community agencies, social support services, faith-leaders, elected officials, and business leaders to the table to collaborate on strategies that will continue to advance the District.
  2. We need someone who can build a strong bench of leadership, because no one person can do this work alone.
  3. We need a change agent. Someone with vision. Someone who has experience overhauling huge systems or institutions, and thinking outside of the box to effect and implement systemic change.
  4. We need someone who understands the needs of, and has experience working within and supporting, an extremely diverse population and the intersectionalities that exist within – and can create and execute unique strategies that both meet and support the unique needs of diverse populations.
  5. We need someone who will look at current systems of inequity within our public school system, and will dismantle the things that are not serving our students and our families in an equitable way.
  6. We need someone who is committed to student achievement and has the demonstrated ability to position all children across the District to succeed.
  7. We need someone who is culturally competent, understanding that it’s more than just black and white; rather, someone who recognizes our disabilities and special needs communities; our English learning communities; our immigrant communities; and so much more.

The Board’s formal, final report will be produced and made available to the public by the end of November. 

Thank you to the many offices and organizations who partnered with us to bring communities together, including:

  1. The African American Chamber of Commerce, PA,NJ,DE
  2. African American Charter School Coalition
  4. Black Clergy of Philadelphia & Vicinity
  5. CAIR-Philadelphia
  6. CASA Philadelphia
  7. Center for Black Educator Development
  8. The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
  9. Children First
  10. The Chinese Disabilities Project
  11. Commonwealth Association of School Administrators (CASA)
  12. Congreso
  13. Enon Tabernacle Church
  14. HUNE
  15. The Mantua Civic Association Education Advisory Committee
  16. Masjidullah Inc.
  17. Mayor’s Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs
  18. Mayor’s Commission for People with Disabilities
  19. Muslim Youth Center ofPhiladelphia
  20. Neubauer Family Foundation
  21. The Office of Faith-based and Interfaith Affairs
  22. The Office of Immigrant Affairs
  23. The Office of LGBT Affairs
  24. The Office of Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez
  25. The Office of State Senator Nikil Saval
  26. The Office of State Rep Elizabeth Fiedler
  27. The Office of State Rep Morgan Cephas
  28. Parent Power
  29. Partners in School Innovation
  30. The PEAL Center
  31. PECO
  32. People’s Emergency Center
  33. Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders
  34. Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta
  35. Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi
  36. Philadelphia Charters for Excellence
  37. Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation
  38. Philadelphia Education Fund
  39. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
  40. Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND)
  41. The Philadelphia Housing Authority
  42. The Philadelphia Masjid
  43. Philly ASAP
  44. SELF, Inc.
  45. SLA Beeber Home and School
  46. Dobbins HS Home and School
  47. Sunrise of Philadelphia
  48. Taller Puertorriqueño
  49. Teach for America
  50. Teach Plus
  51. Urban League of Philadelphia
  52. UrbEd

And We’ve Extended the Deadline for the Survey to November 12 at 5PM! 

We still need to hear from you. Take 7 minutes to complete the survey.

Selection Process

Additional Community Input Along the Way 

The Parent and Community Advisory Council of the Board of Education is a group of individuals composed of parents/caregivers, community stakeholders, faith-based leaders, former educators and staff members who are dedicated to the children and youth of the School District of Philadelphia. The Board consistently seeks the Advisory Council’s input on all matters pertaining to the District, and will continue to do so during this public input and superintendent search process.

The Board will establish an 11-member Superintendent Search Advisory Committee (SSAC) in order to include diverse voices in its review of final candidates. The Committee will include one current School District of Philadelphia teacher, one current principal, two current guardians of District students, two current students, and participants from the local charter school community, organized labor, higher education, business, and education advocacy.

The Superintendent Search Advisory Committee will conduct confidential interviews with five finalist candidates. The review and evaluation done by the committee will help inform the Board’s selection of two final candidates.

There will be a public meet and greet opportunity to hear from the final two candidates before a final selection is made by the Board.