Whistleblower Protections

Board policies prohibit retaliation by the District against any person for:

  • making a complaint to the District in good faith;
  • testifying, assisting, or participating in a District investigation, process, or other proceeding or hearing; or
  • reporting practices the person reasonably believes to be discriminatory, violative of Board policy, or illegal.

The District, its employees, and others are prohibited from intimidating, threatening, coercing, or discriminating against anyone for actions described above. Individuals are encouraged to contact the Office of Employee and Labor Relations immediately if retaliation is believed to have occurred.

For additional information about relevant “Whistleblower” laws, like Pennsylvania’s Whistleblower Law please speak with an attorney.

For more information about the District’s whistleblower protections, please see the below relevant District policies:

Policy 103: Nondiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices
Policy 300: Employee Code of Ethics
Policy 317: Employee Conduct and Reporting Requirements
Policy 828: Suspected Financial Misconduct and Dishonesty
Policy 1200: Office of Inspector General

DISCLAIMER: The District cannot provide legal advice and specific questions about the applicability of the Whistleblower Law to any particular complaint should be directed to a properly licensed attorney.