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Board of Education Recognizes National Board Certified Teachers

Board of Education Recognizes National Board Certified Teachers

PHILADELPHIA — On Thursday, January 30 the Board of Education recognized 24 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT); 18 newly certified teachers and 6 renewals. The Board members and Superintendent William R. Hite gathered with the new NBCTs and their mentors to celebrate the teachers accomplishments and recognize their hard work. “While it can sometimes be…

Jennifer Rojas-Sandoval

Student of the Month – Jennifer Rojas-Sandoval

Name: Jennifer Rojas-Sandoval School: Franklin Learning Center High School Nominated By: Christine Garvey – Teacher Every once in a while, someone surprises you. Not simply a “she’s not what I expected” surprise, but a shocking, eye-opening, humbling surprise. Jennifer Rojas-Sandoval is one of those people. Jennifer is polite, kind, and a bit shy. After only…

Ashley Maldonado

Student of the Month – Ashley Maldonado

Name: Ashley Maldonado School: Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical HS Nominated By: Olga Torres – Teacher Olga Torres, long-time teacher at Mastbaum High School, describes Ashley Maldonado in two words — “Quiet Leader.” In the brief time we got to spend with Ashley, we learned that she is quiet and unassuming. But she carries…

School District Statement Re: Environmental Safety at McClure

PHILADELPHIA — The School District of Philadelphia has issued the following statement regarding environmental safety at Alexander McClure Elementary School: “Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our students and staff. Our commitment to this guiding principle is evident by our actions — in closing schools, sealing off areas of concern, expanding…

Fall Student of the Month - Liliana Mariquinhos-Fernandes

Fall Student of the Month – Liliana Mariquinhos-Fernandes

Name: Liliana Mariquinhos-Fernandes School: Swenson Arts & Technology High School Nominated By: Terese Gallen – Teacher Lili, as she is called by friends and family, has always been the glue that keeps her community together. A first generation American citizen – her parents immigrated from Portugal – Lili works hard to keep her family in…

Malik Njeri-Mesquito

Fall Student of the Month – Malik Njeri-Mesquito

Name: Malik Njeri-Mesquito School: Roxborough HS Nominated By: Deborah Bender – Teacher If you were to ask Malik what has defined his high school experience, he would say “growth!” Malik was the first to say that he hasn’t always been the most motivated student. But if you ask his teacher and nominator, Debi Bender, he…