ERP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
This list summarizes the response from frequently asked questions about the ERP project. Please contact the IT Help Desk with additional questions at or contact for additional support.


What browsers can I use to access the ERP system?
Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are our recommended browsers. Use any browser except Internet Explorer or Edge.

Purchasing Requisitions

  1. Will the ERP system share when a check has been mailed to the company?
    The person who created the requisition can view when an invoice was paid. There is also the Invoice Expenditure Detail report which provides you information on when an invoice was paid and from what charge account.
  2. How can we check the amounts in each account?
    There are budget reports. Need to link to stepper for this report.
  3. Is there a compiled list of all the suppliers?
    No, the list of suppliers will not be constant, so we would prefer people to search at the time of ordering rather than look at a static list that may be outdated. To search for current available suppliers, follow the steps to create a Noncatalog Requisition. Then, search within the supplier fields to determine whether or not the supplier is available in the system
  4. Will you be able to start orders and come back to them later?
    Yes, you can Save and Close when creating a requisition.
  5. Do you still have to get quotes?
    For many order types you will not need a quote. Quotes are needed for Noncatalog items. You also may need a quote for some request forms. Each request form has instructions on the form letting you know what information is needed.
  6. In the past, we have been granted funds from Office Depot to use. It was set up as a separate account with separate login through Office Depot. Is this process continuing in the new system?
    There will no longer be a separate account that users will need to access in order to purchase from Office Depot. Users should complete the Punchout Catalog Requisition as directed, and include their appropriate Alias/Charge Account when completing the billing details for the order. They will not need to utilize a separate log-in to access those funds, either. That process that existed previously will no longer exist for Punchout catalogs in ERP.
  7. Any chance that there is a price comparison across suppliers? IE. copy paper is less expensive at Office Depot than at School Specialty.
    It’s best to check in real time. Paper prices change quarterly and suppliers may have sales. Unfortunately, The system does not have the capacity to pull up products from different punchouts and compare them.
  8. Will we see supplies for facilities or will the Building Engineer only have access?
    You will be able to order facilities supplies but as always you should coordinate with your Building Engineer about what is needed, etc.
  9. Are the charge accounts pre-loaded based on what you selected at the budget table? Or are all aliases available?
    All aliases will be available. Choose the correct alias and enter and select your Department.
  10. Can we get suppliers added to this list? Or items?
    To have suppliers added to the ERP email
  11. How does shipping or freight work in the ERP system? Can we get suppliers added to this list? Or items?
    For punchouts and internal catalogues, requesters do not need to add shipping to any order. For Request Forms and noncatalog requisitions, shipping must be added unless the supplier is offering it at no charge. For these orders,  purchasers will start with a quote from the supplier. If shipping is a line on the quote, you must add a line item for shipping on your requisition.
    If you input a requisition and realize that did not add shipping PRIOR to the requisition being approved, you can withdraw and edit. If you input a requisition and realize that did not add shipping AFTER the requisition is approved and purchase order has been created, the buyer will instruct the end users to cancel the entire order and re-enter.  (In the future, there will be an option to simply add the shipping without cancelling the order, but that is not how the system currently works.) The cancellation needs to be approved through the workflow as well as the new requisition. If users are getting quotes, they should not have this issue.
  12.  How can we process employee reimbursements?
    Employee reimbursement expenses will continue to be process via Advantage until 7/1/2021.  Employees should submit an employee expense reimbursement request SEH-195 form to obtain reimbursement.
  13. If requisitions are rejected, are encumbered funds immediately released back into the budget?
    The funds are not encumbered until the requisition is fully approved.
  14. In the old system, things have to run at least overnight (if not longer) before funds were unencumbered. Does this system encumber funds (from cancelled orders) overnight?
    No overnight process is needed. If an order is cancelled and approved, the funds are released automatically.


1.When creating a contract, there are many different “types” to choose from. How do I know what type to choose?

Reach out to your OGC attorney before selecting your contract type. Most paid contracts will be entered as No Lines Agreements unless your contract is a Limited Contract or LCA, but your specific contract selection may vary depending on whether or not you are using grant funds. It is important to select the correct contract type as once the contract type has been selected, it cannot be changed in the ERP.

2. Are there naming conventions for the “Name” of the Contract?

Yes. Please navigate to>Finance>Contracts to locate the “Naming Conventions for Contracts” document and other resources to support in creating contracts.

3. How can we ensure that principals can see information in the contract for their schools?

Principals can be included as team members on the Parties tab, so that they have read access to a contract. If you are working on a school-based LCA, select “Principal” as the Role, then assign Read access.

4. I have been asked to take over several contracts in my office, but I can’t find them in the Contracts with either a contract number search or contract owner search. What should I do?

You will need to be added as a Contract Administrator on the Parties tab in order to access the contract. Reach out to the current contract administrator and ask them to add you as a Contract Administrator. If the current Contract Administrator is not available or unknown, reach out to for help in locating this contract. Additional Contract Administrators can be added to a contract at any time – even when the contract is Active. Use this stepper if you need to add another Contract Administrator to your contract.

5. I’m trying to add someone else as a Contract Administrator to my contract, but I can’t find them during a search. 

On the Parties tab, go down to the Contracts section and click on the ‘+’ button. Be sure to select the Role from the dropdown first, then start your search by clicking on the magnifying glass. Use the First Name or Last Name for your search. Do NOT use the Name field. Generally, select the name that is least common to limit your search. Check to ensure the email matches.

6. Once the contract is approved, signed, and active, will I need to create multiple fulfillment lines if my contract is a No Lines Agreement?

Generally, only one Fulfillment Line will need to be created for the full contract amount on a No Lines Agreement regardless of the duration of the contract. After creating the Fulfillment Line, don’t forget to create the Purchasing Agreement (PA).

7. I created a purchasing agreement, but I need a PO. What are the next steps?

Once you have your Purchasing Agreement number (PA), use the Contract Request Google Form on Procurement’s For Employees page to ask Procurement to create a Contract Request Form for this contract. This process takes about 2 days.

  • Once the request form for this contract has been created, the Designated Purchaser/Requester for your office can create a requisition using the contract request form. This will encumber the funds.
  • Once the RQ is approved, it will generate a PO, allowing the Designated Purchaser/ Requester to monitor the PO as it makes its way through the approval process.
  • This process allows for multiple RQs to be submitted and purchase orders (PURs) created as needed. Each purchase order (PUR) pulls from the amount left on the purchasing agreement (PA) in the contract and will not allow the contract to spend more than is allocated.

8. How do I create an Limited Contract Agreement (LCA) in the ERP system?

LCAs can be submitted by central office departments and for schools by the Chief of Schools Office using the LCA terms templates. If submitting a school-based LCA, please follow all established guidelines outlined in the Google Form, including the OGC-2 Form. The steppers below can assist in the LCA creation process:

Additional resources can be found for Limited Contract Agreements at>Finance>Contracts.

9. When can I start preparing my agreements in the ERP Contracts Module? 

If you are ready to start working on a new agreement, reach out to your supporting attorney for guidance on selecting the appropriate Contract Type.

10. How does purchasing off contracts work in the system?

Purchasing off of contracts depends on the contract type selected and the type of purchasing documents generated from the contract during the fulfillment stage. For more information regarding fulfillment to receipting consult one of the following documents:

For LCAs and other contracts ending in a PO: Fulfillment to Receipting Workflow

For No Lines Agreements: Fulfillment to Receipting Workflow

For a broad overview of the overall purchasing process in contracts, please see this document to review the ordering, invoicing, and receipting process.


1.As an approver, what happens when a school requests help inputting orders? Do we still  get a request to approve if we are the creator of the order?
Yes, you will still get a request to approve. The approval workflow is dictated by the items included in the requisition as well as the charge accounts identified, not the requester.

2. If the third approver in the workflow rejects the requisition, do the first two approvers get notified?
No, the requester gets notified.

3. Can an approver make edits to a requisition if they notice an error? Will we be able to edit anything the requester inputs to correct typos/incorrect names, etc.?
No, an approver included in the approval workflow will not have the ability to make edits to a requisition. If something needs to be revised, the approver should outline the revisions within the Rejection Comments field and then Reject the requisition.

4. If I’m a Cost Center Manager who should I delegate approvals to?
Assign the task to someone who would have authority to approve spending funds. Even if you delegate approvals, you will be able to see approvals and can still approve. As the Cost Center Manager, you are ultimately held accountable for approvals in your school or department.

System Information

Which browser does ERP work best?
ERP works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  Do Not use Edge or Internet Explorer.

Can orders be placed outside of the school network?
Yes, this system is cloud based and can be accessed anywhere with internet access. It also won’t close at 7 pm each night.  It will be available 24 hours a day.

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